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Jack Matt is a major character and a possible secondary antagonist in Dying Light 2 Stay Human..


Jack Matt was in the Army, but would later become the leader of the Peacekeepers. His pride makes him believe that only he can bring peace and order to the City.[1]

Life in the Army

Jack Matt was in the Army and was known to crave power having surrounded himself with people who are loyal to him. Captain Posner states that Jack Matt has a deep rooted hatred of Colonel Williams having disagreed over the use of chemical bombings to vaccinate the population and to slow the spread of spread of the virus. Matt had thought that this was too risky.

Despite claiming so, Matt was one of the few that knew about the decision to use chemical bombings on January 6th, 2025 also known as the Black Monday. Matt had intentionally ignored the warning to evacuate the city before the bombing and had caused the death of many in the City.

Matt eventually led a rebellion against the Army and Colonel Williams, and formed the Peacekeepers.

Leader of the Peacekeepers

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