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Collectibles are the most important part of the city; they can be found all over Old Villedor and the Central Loop and they entail the history of what Old Villedor once was and how it came to be what it is now.


Mementos are one of three categories of Collectibles, there are 163 total (including DLC) each being in their own respective 'set'.

Main Game

  • Renegade Report
  • Cards
  • Letter
  • Newspaper Article
  • Map
  • Posting
  • Pamphlet
  • Safe Code
  • Comic
  • Dog Tag
  • Medical Chart
  • Diary
  • Photograph
  • VNC Tower Blueprints
  • Recipe
  • Books
  • Nightrunner Journal
  • Reports
  • Objects


  • Fighter Card
  • Magazine
  • Letter
  • Report


Tapes are one of three categories of Collectibles, there are 68 total (including DLC) each with their own set icon separating them from each other.

Main Game

  • GRE Report
  • Carl's Journal
  • Nightrunner Journal
  • Tourism
  • Frank's Journal
  • Villedor Newscast
  • The Classifieds
  • Dynamo Factory (white-point pentagon Icon)
  • Council of Mankind sessions
  • Waltz's Recording
  • Lawan's Mix Tape
  • Unit 404 recording


  • The Fights
  • Confession to the Truth


Graffiti is one of the three categories of Collectibles, there are 71 total with a select few in sets'.

Main Game