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"The rollout of official custom map support comes together with a free PC DLC allowing fans to create, download, and share custom maps for the PC version of Dying Light 2 Stay Human."

"The free Map Editor included in the DLC empowers Creators with Techland’s tools, allowing them to upload and share their maps with the entire Dying Light community."

Dying Light 2 and MOD.IO have partnered together, allowing creators to share their work with others by simply uploading it online. This gives console players a lovely touch while playing amazing custom maps!

About MOD.IO

  • Cross-platform mod support for every game.

"For over 20 years we've loved mods. In 2002 we launched, and today we are focused on building the ultimate mod platform for developers to integrate."

"We believe UGC makes every game better, so we want to see UGC on all platforms and stores, and help build powerful player creator economies that drive game's success."

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Getting Started

Starting a Project

User Interface

Keyboard Shortcuts

Testing Your Custom Map

Common Issues in Developer Tools

Tips & Tricks

Story Editor

User Interface


Dialog Editor

User Interface


Video Tutorials

Official Techland Developer Tools Tutorials

Useful Hints

  • The fight becomes more intense the more the player stops what they are doing to reconsider how to win. For instance, adding new enemy kinds to an ongoing battle.
  • Sequence types of enemies, quantity
  • Increase intensity
  • Keep player crosshair moving
  • Use level occurrences to change up the fight
  • Music
  • Making more engaging fights. Article