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"Promise you'll never leave me alone here. Never."
Mia to Aiden when they were little kids

Mia is a major supporting character featured in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, while she mainly stays in the background for a vast majority of the story Mia is the driving motivation for Aiden Caldwell as he tries to find her after being separated from Mia for years, falsely believing Mia was his sister.


Mia as a child.

From what Aiden Caldwell remembers from his childhood he and his sister Mia were kidnapped when they were both five years old. They were brutally tortured but the place they were at suddenly erupted in flames, explosions, and chaos. Mia was left behind in the city but Aiden left with soldiers. He blames himself and is still traumatized to the present day.

Several years later, Aiden discovers a lead on Mia's whereabouts, the City. He then set off to brave the dangers of the City to reunite with his beloved sister.[1]

However Aiden's memories weren't as accurate as he had thought, in reality he and Mia weren't related at all, Mia was in fact the daughter of Vincent Waltz, and had been infected with a new unknown strain of the THV virus, with the experiments performed on the children at the X13 facility, including Aiden and Mia herself, being done to find a cure not just for the virus but for Mia as well. During this time Mia and Aiden had developed a sibling like relationship with each other, with Mia coming up with a nickname for Aiden, as well as her father treating Aiden with kindness despite the nature of the experiments. When the part of the facility suddenly erupted in flames Aiden and Mia became separated, and for the next 15 years Waltz would continue his research in finding a cure for his daughter while Aiden's memories would become muddled and mixed up because of the event, leading him to believe Mia was actually his sister.


15 years later Aiden was finally reunited with Mia, however it's here that he finally learns the truth from Waltz; Mia and Aiden weren't related and that she was his daughter, and in order to stop anyone from stopping him finding a cure for Mia Waltz couldn't let Aiden stop the nuclear missiles that would destroy Villedor, this leads to both Aiden and Waltz fighting each other. Later, after Aiden defeats him, he either tries saving Mia from the laboratory before the missiles explode because of Lawan, or stop Lawan from blowing up the laboratory. Either way, Mia ultimately dies from the strain.