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Aiden Caldwell is the protagonist of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Aiden's exact birth date and place of birth are unknown, but it can be theorized that he was born before or during the Harran Virus pandemic that eventually spread across the world. During the events of the game we learn that his father saved his life, telling him never to forget who he was or where he came from. Aiden is an infected survivor in an infected world, where getting attached is deadly. Due to being an experienced pilgrim with mysterious potential he has remarkable speed, strength, and combat skills that make him a powerful and dangerous breed of survivor. He performs feats that no one else can, braves dungeons and deathtraps that no other would dare to touch. With his unique skillset, Aiden has the power to be an agent of change within the decaying metropolis of Villedor.

Aiden is a member of an outcast group known as the Pilgrims. Wayfaring freelancers that benefit from completing tasks for various people around the world and are compared to Japanese ronin and Old West desperadoes. Traveling over 2,000 kilometers (1,242 miles) from Crossdale River,[1] Aiden goes to the City in search of his sister, Mia, who he believes is the key to unlocking his shrouded past, and teaching him who he really is.[2][3]

Events of Dying Light 2 Stay Human

After escaping a group of virals in a highway tunnel by making a huge leap of faith, Aiden meets a fellow pilgrim named Spike, who is an older pilgrim Aiden has known for a long time. The two of them walk through the nearby forest to arrive at a mansion they infiltrate. Spike tells Aiden that he got a trail on a guy named Waltz, telling him to contact an informant at a nearby house. After securing a safe zone in the house, Aiden sleeps near the radio and has a dream where he and his missing sister Mia are in a hospital being experimented on, suddenly a fire starts and Aiden loses track of Mia.

After awaking from the dream, Aiden contacts the informant with the nearby radio and the two plan to meet in the sewers leading to Villedor. Aiden asks the informant if Mia is alive and the informant confirms that she is alive. Aiden makes his way to the sewer and encounters a volatile in a tight space, who bites his hand, the informant saves Aiden but Aiden has a seizure and passes out due to the infection.

Aiden wakes up to the sound of the informant being interrogated by a group of bandits, when he goes to investigate he is attacked by bandits and kills them, after a few fights the informant gives Aiden a GRE Access Key telling him to go to Fisheye and find Lawan. The informant locks Aiden in a vent as Waltz comes into the room and kills the informant, Aiden has a seizure and Waltz notices him and sends his men after him. After escaping Waltz and his men, Aiden finds an entrance into Villedor.

Aiden finds himself in the Bazaar, home of one of the largest factions in the city The Survivors, the occupants quickly learn he is infected and try to hang him likely to restrain him before he turns, Aiden is quickly saved by a man named Hakon and is taken back to a workshop owned by Sarah and Jana where Hakon injects him with an inhibitor but Aiden tries to attack Sarah but is knocked unconscious by Jana. Aiden wakes up and Hakon tells him he needs a biomarker to get to the Fisheye, the two leave before nightfall and stumble upon a military crate that Hakon was after, Aiden uses the GRE Access Key to open a lock much to Hakon´s surprise, but before they can talk about it night falls and Aiden has a seizure only surviving due to Hakon, the two run to the Bazaar but are turned away by the gatekeeper because Aiden does not yet have a biomarker. A howler spots them and they run to Cillian´s Hideout.

At Cillian´s hideout, Hakon and Cillian argue before Hakon goes to scout out Saint Joseph´s Hospital. While Aiden sleeps, he hears Mia taunting him in his sleep before Hakon calls him on the radio telling him to meet him in Saint Joseph´s Hospital. In the hospital Aiden and Hakon sneak by infected and at one point the two are separated when an elevator crashes down a floor, Aiden then finds an inhibitor and injects it into himself so that he has the strength to climb up to Hakon.

After meeting up with Hakon, he gives Aiden a biomarker but his biomarker starts going off due to low immunity and Aiden has to quickly escape. After escaping Hakon asks him about what he will do when he finds his sister, and Hakon tells him he wants to live by the ocean and asks Aiden for help. Hakon gives Aiden a pair of Binoculars and tells him to head for the Bazaar. When Aiden arrives at the Bazaar he helps out the locals while he waits for Hakon to give him a call.

Aiden is left on his own from here which leads to him meeting people from both main factions of Villedor, The Survivors and The Peacekeepers. Throughout his interactions with both factions his main goal is to reach the Central Loop, but his progress is halted due to the recent murder of a Peacekeeper officer named Lucas. All roads and metro tunnels leading to The Central Loop have been blocked to prevent the murderer from escaping Old Villedor. This leads to Aiden meeting Aitor during Aidens interrogation after being held captive from a failed attempt to sneak past the Peacekeeper blockades. After a back and forth with Aitor, Aiden is offered passage to The Central Loop if he helps with the investigation.

Events of Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties

Aiden gets a call on his radio from a stranger telling him to qualify for Carnage Hall to stop Skullface from destroying the city. When he goes to the bapistry where tryouts are held, he is turned down due to not knowing the password. He inspects a poster of a strong man that says ¨THIS COULD BE YOU!¨ but is interrupted by a guy who takes his money. Aiden chases the thief and when he catches him they are ambushed by infected, after killing the infected the thief tells Aiden they should go back to the tryouts as a team.

At the tryouts, Aiden meets Roy and Tatsuo and learns that the thief is named Ciro. Ciro and Aiden fight other competitors and are victorious, only for Skullface to appear and attack Tatsuo, taking something from him. Aiden and Ciro get up and challenge Skullface but both are quickly defeated by the weapon Skullface stole from Tatsuo. Skullface shuts off the UV lights in the building and lets a bunch of virals in, Aiden fights the virals with other competitors while Ciro tries to fix the generators.

When the lights go on, Ciro´s father Ogar yells at him for fighting in the tournament, Aiden and Ciro go outside and Ciro reveals that Ogar is the ex champion of Carnage Hall and that Skullface is the current champion, he also talks about his brother Abel who died in Carnage Hall. Ciro tells Aiden that to qualify for Carnage Hall they need to complete 3 challenges in the city, Aiden completes all 3 with ease and meets with Ciro for drinks after each challenge. Once he finishes every challenge Ogar calls him and tells him to meet him at the Bapistry and begs him to not let Ciro fight.

Aiden is told to go to the Central Loop for the final challenge, Ciro is surprised to see Aiden there and realizes Ogar sent him there to stop him, before Aiden can change Ciro´s mind the challenge starts, after fighting for a while Ciro mysteriously disappears and Aiden wins. Ogar meets up with him and they find the body of one of Astrid´s guards, Ogar tells him to go to Carnage Hall to find Ciro.

At Carnage Hall, Aiden asks around if anyone knows where Ciro is, he is told by Ogar to meet with a bald eunuch named Severus who gets him into a fight. Much to Aiden´s shock, people are killed in the fight and he quickly learns that Carnage Hall is a bloodsport event and frantically calls Ogar, who tells him that Astrid must´ve changed the rules. Aiden emerges victorious and Astrid asks him for his name, and gives him a new name to use in Carnage Hall.



  • Jonah Scott (the voice actor of Aiden) was a huge fan of Dying Light and Roger Craig Smith.
  • Aiden is punched in the face a lot in main and side quests, as well as being hit in the head by weapons.
  • Aiden was based on Nightwing in a lot of ways, as they wanted a balance between edgy and smartass.


  1. Aitor: "Where did you come from?"
    Aiden Caldwell: "Crossdale River."
    Aitor: "That's over fifteen hundred kilometers from here!"
    Aiden Caldwell: "Actually, more than two thousand. Freeway bridges collapsed. There are no straight paths."
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