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Cliff is a bandit in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. He is also the brother of Damien.


Missing Persons

Help Damien find his "kidnapped" brother.


Show: Missing Persons

Aiden: "Damien?!"
Cliff: "Damien? Nah, I'm Cliff."
Aiden: "Wow. The resemblance is uncanny."
Cliff: "Guards...!"
Aiden: "Wait! Stop! Damien sent me. How did you escape?"
Cliff: "Escape? I have no rason to escape, man."
Aiden: "So you're not... You're working with them, aren't you?"
Cliff: "Well... duh."
Aiden: "Listen, Cliff... What I really wanna know right now is about the murder of Commander Lucas."
Cliff: "The PK Commander? What about him?"
Aiden: "Did you or your people kill him?"
Cliff: "No fucking way. We're not suicidal. Anyway, we got bigger fish to fry. Like you, for instance."
Aiden: "Me...? What the hell do you mean?!"
Cliff: "You and Damien haven't figured it out? Oh well... I love my brother, but he's a dope. Always has been."

Aiden: "(What's going on here?) You tricked your brother and send innocent men to their deaths? Because you wanted to find me?"
Cliff: "Waltz can run it all down for you himself. Or rather... for what you've got from Dylan."
Aiden: "Wait... WALTZ?! Where is he?!"
Cliff: "Dunno. They haven't filled me in on all the details yet."
Damien: "Aiden, you there? Have you found Cliff?"
Aiden: "Yes. But you won't like it."
Cliff: "Damien! Bro! Unfortunately, now's not a good time to chat. And as for you, you've finally found Doctor Waltz. Downside? He's found you. That's him, fellas. The one who took the Doc's toy!"
Damien: "Cliff?! Fuck! What... what are you saying?"
Aiden: "(Call Damien over the radio.) Damien? Aiden here. Do you read me?"
Damien: "Over. Did you find Cliff?"
Aiden: "Yeah, but..."
Cliff: "Hey, bro. You were a huge help, sending all those kids. You've made Doctor Waltz mighty happy."
Aiden: "Waltz?!"
Cliff: "He's the boss here."
Damien: "Boss? Cliff? What--I don't understand."
Cliff: "Yeah, they too me but I joined the team right quick! Had to pretend they were gonna kill me to get you in line and following orders."
Damien: "You. Did. What?!"
Cliff: "Don't be a baby about it. It was the only way to make you behave."
Damien: "How could you do this to me? To all those kids you made me drag in? To their deaths!"
Cliff: "Don't worry about it, bro. It was all for the greater good."
Damien: "Whose greater good?!"
Cliff: "The boss's of course. And just now, you served up the guy the boss wanted most! That's him, fellas. The one who took the Doc's toy!"
Damien: "Cliff?! Fuck! What... what are you saying?"