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Damien is a survivor in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Missing Persons

Find out more about Damien's job offering.


Show: Missing Persons

Damien: "I'm Damien."
Aiden: "Aiden."
Damien: "You're new here, right?"

Aiden: "(I lie and say I'm a local.)"
Aiden: "(I tell the truth.) Does it make a difference?"
Damien: "I pride myself on knowing everyone in this dump, but I don't know you."
Aiden: "Maybe that's because I just got into the city."
Damien: "For reals? Wow, respect! I heard that outside the walls, it's a bloodbath."
Aiden: "What does this have to do with the job?"
Damien: "Nothing, my friend. Just sussing you out. And I like what I've sussed so far. But about the job... first and foremost, it'll require a certain amount of discretion on your part. You'll be doing business for my partners, and it's their business only. No one else's. Head on over to meet them in west Quarry End. They'll fill you in on the details."
Aiden: "(I'll do it.)"
Aiden: "(I never said I agree to this.) I didn't agree to this yet."
Damien: "Haven't said you didn't agree, either. Just think it over. You'll come around. It's easy money!"

(After the ambush)
Damien: "Aiden... you... you're... how did you...?"
Aiden: "Not die? You asshole. You set me up!!"
Damien: "What? No! I swear! I would never..! I was just doing my job, scouting... it's my job!"

Aiden: "(I should tell Carl about this.)"
Aiden: "(Who are these people?) Who are these people? And why were they looking for me?"
Damien: "I don't know, Aiden. Ya gotta believe me. Please! They just told me to send them anyone who seemed new. They didn't tell me why. I don't have any other choice but to do as they say."
Aiden: "They have anything to do with Lucas' death?"
Damien: "What? No! I mean... God, I hope not. That would be... terrible. But I swear I don't know!"
Aiden: "So you've sent others before me? And they've all been murdered? What have you done, Damien?"
Damien: "I didn't know. At first. But I couldn't do anything about it once I found out. I couldn't."
Aiden: "How many, Damien? How many people have you sent to their death?"
Damien: "Stop, it Aiden. Stop! I'm sorry. I had to. I'm trapped. Believe me! They have my brother!"
Aiden: "(Hand Damien over to Carl.) That's no reason. You're complicit. Carl's gonna hear about this."
Damien: "You idiot. You don't understand. If you do this, they'll kill my brother! I can't let that happen!"
Aiden: "I feel your pain, but this is wrong. You can't gamble innocent lives away just to get him back. You're through, Damien."
Damien: "Aaaaagh!"
Aiden: "(Cooperate with Damien.) Your brother? Talk, fast."
Damien: "They took him and threatened to kill him if I didn't do what they said. I just figured if I did good, they'd eventually release him. I'm being played and I'm tired of it. I just want my brother back. Will you help me find him?"
Aiden: "You sent me to the slaughter and now I'm supposed to forget that and help you find your brother?"
Damien: "You're mad. I get it. But look at it this way, he may have heard why they're looking for you. If he could tell you, wouldn't you want to find him?"
Aiden: "(I won't help you.)"
Aiden: "(I'll help you.) Fine, then. But you'd better pray that he knows something."

(After looking around for Cliff)
Aiden: "No signs of Cliff here."
Damien: "Dammit. You don't think they... he's not dead, is he?"
Aiden: "Don't jump to conclusions."
Damien: "But where could they be keeping him. Dammit... this is all my fault! I'm such a fool."
Aiden: "Sending people here, that's on you. As for your brother, I'm not certain. Where did you last see him?"
Damien: "We were in east Quarry End, close to Devil's Bridge, when they attacked us. They took him hostage and have been using me to carry out their orders ever since. I only did this to keep my brother alive, Aiden. I didn't know others would die when this started."

Aiden: "(Devil's Bridge?) What's "Devil's Bridge"?"
Damien: "It's the name of this building - in the Middle Ages, they said devils haunted it. But then times changed and no one believed in those things anymore. Before the virus, it was a car repair shop. Now, it's full of bandits."
Aiden: "(I'll check the place.) Then I guess I'll search the area around Devil's Bridge."
Damien: "Aiden! You serious? You'd do that for me?"
Aiden: "Not a chance. I'm doing this so that no one else dies because of you!"

(Upon encountering Cliff)
Aiden: "Damien?!"
Cliff: "Damien? Nah, I'm Cliff."
Aiden: "Wow. The resemblance is uncanny."
Cliff: "Guards...!"
Aiden: "Wait! Stop! Damien sent me. How did you escape?"
Cliff: "Escape? I have no rason to escape, man."
Aiden: "So you're not... You're working with them, aren't you?"
Cliff: "Well... duh."
Aiden: "Listen, Cliff... What I really wanna know right now is about the murder of Commander Lucas."
Cliff: "The PK Commander? What about him?"
Aiden: "Did you or your people kill him?"
Cliff: "No fucking way. We're not suicidal. Anyway, we got bigger fish to fry. Like you, for instance."
Aiden: "Me...? What the hell do you mean?!"
Cliff: "You and Damien haven't figured it out? Oh well... I love my brother, but he's a dope. Always has been."

Aiden: "(What's going on here?) You tricked your brother and send innocent men to their deaths? Because you wanted to find me?"
Cliff: "Waltz can run it all down for you himself. Or rather... for what you've got from Dylan."
Aiden: "Wait... WALTZ?! Where is he?!"
Cliff: "Dunno. They haven't filled me in on all the details yet."
Damien: "Aiden, you there? Have you found Cliff?"
Aiden: "Yes. But you won't like it."
Cliff: "Damien! Bro! Unfortunately, now's not a good time to chat. And as for you, you've finally found Doctor Waltz. Downside? He's found you. That's him, fellas. The one who took the Doc's toy!"
Damien: "Cliff?! Fuck! What... what are you saying?"
Aiden: "(Call Damien over the radio.) Damien? Aiden here. Do you read me?"
Damien: "Over. Did you find Cliff?"
Aiden: "Yeah, but..."
Cliff: "Hey, bro. You were a huge help, sending all those kids. You've made Doctor Waltz mighty happy."
Aiden: "Waltz?!"
Cliff: "He's the boss here."
Damien: "Boss? Cliff? What--I don't understand."
Cliff: "Yeah, they too me but I joined the team right quick! Had to pretend they were gonna kill me to get you in line and following orders."
Damien: "You. Did. What?!"
Cliff: "Don't be a baby about it. It was the only way to make you behave."
Damien: "How could you do this to me? To all those kids you made me drag in? To their deaths!"
Cliff: "Don't worry about it, bro. It was all for the greater good."
Damien: "Whose greater good?!"
Cliff: "The boss's of course. And just now, you served up the guy the boss wanted most! That's him, fellas. The one who took the Doc's toy!"
Damien: "Cliff?! Fuck! What... what are you saying?"

(After climbing the Bazaar tower)
Aiden: "Damien..."
Damien: "Stop or I jump."
Aiden: "Wait! Okay. I've stopped. Relax Damien. Let's both relax."
Damien: "What do you want?"
Aiden: "To talk."
Damien: "About what?"

Aiden: "(About not jumping.) About not finding out the hard way that you can't fly."
Damien: "Ha. Maybe if weren't such weakling and a coward, I'd have jumped already."
Aiden: "But you didn't. Something's holding you back."
Damien: "Fear. Fear has always held me back. It held me back from refusing those assholes after they took my brother. It held me back from telling those doomed guys to run like hell instead of sending them to their deaths. I won't be held back anymore, Aiden. I won't hold myself back. You ready for this Aiden? Cuz if I stop holding myself back, I think I just might be able to fly after all! Check it out."
Aiden: "NO!"
Aiden: "(About your brother.) About Cliff. About your brother."
Damien: "What about him?"
Aiden: "For one, I should apologize."
Damien: "For what? What happened to him, Aiden?"
Aiden: "Well, I... Look, it's only fair that you know."
Damien: "Know what?"
Aiden: "That it's my fault. I killed him. Not you."
Damien: "Oh so you want me to jump? Is that it? Rub salt in my wounds? OF COURSE YOU KILLED HIM! Do you think that changes anything? For anyone?"
Aiden: "It could. Maybe take some of the burden off you."
Damien: "Nice try, but no Aiden. NO! I brought all of this down on myself. On me, on those poor victims, on my brother and even you. And maybe I should just live with that. But I don't want to. At least not for very long. Only for about, say... fifteen floors. I can handle that. Good-bye, Aiden."
Aiden: "NOOO!"
Aiden: "(About life?) Don't know. About life?"
Damien: "Fuck you."
Aiden: "That's what you're hung up on. That you're alive. And so many aren't now because of you. Damien?"
Damien: "I killed them. All of them."
Aiden: "Look, it was a bad deal all around. You aren't evil. You were trying to save your brother. They backed you into a corner."
Damien: "But my brother is one person... one person. But I've killed so many..."
Aiden: "No, sent them to be killed. You didn't kill them yourself. What choice did you have? Believe me, I've done plenty of bad in the name of good. And then... just plain bad. But I'm not an evil person... and neither are you, Damien."
Damien: "I am. I could have found another way. But did I try? I can't close my eyes without seeing the face of every kid I said, "Hey, you're new around here" to. They're all dead. And now so is my brother. Because of me. I can't take it anymore."
Aiden: "Sure you can. You can prove how strong you really are. Live your life and use each day to make it right."
Damien: "It's too much to fix. I can't, it could never be enough. I'm sorry, Aiden."
Aiden: "(Message from your brother.)"
Aiden: "(I'll jump too!) Make room. I'm jumping with you!"
Damien: "Are you crazy?"
Aiden: "Why not? We can go together. What's one more death added to your tab?"
Damien: "Why would you? No--you would never..."
Aiden: "Try me. Jump. Go on, jump! I'll be right behind. Ever hear that most jumpers change their minds mid-air?"
Damien: "No."
Aiden: "It's true. They're falling and think... Fuck, maybe actually this wasn't the smartest thing I've done in my life. Soon my head's going to smash open like a watermelon and I'll writhe around with no control over my arms and legs. And beg for someone to finish me off.' But nobody's going to finish you off here, Damien. Except maybe the infected. They'll eat you foot to forehead, Damien. Slowly. I'm going. See you on the ground."
Damien: "Wait. Let's talk..."
Aiden: "About what?"
Damien: "I don't know..."
Aiden: "About life...?"
Damien: "Maybe, sure... But... I guess I don't have a life anymore. All the guys that died, they died because..."
Aiden: "Quit being a broken record, will you? You'll get over it. Now pull yourself the fuck together and back away from that ledge, or you really will fall. You feel bad about those deaths? That's great. Means you got a conscience. Not many left in this town with a conscience. But you got one and that's why you should live - to make up for what you did. There will always be time to jump. Tomorrow. The day after. No rush. I won't stop you, but keep this in mind. Like I said before, make it right. Keep living at least til you make it right. How many deaths do you think you're responsible for?"
Damien: "Don't make me say it, Aiden. Eight, maybe?"
Aiden: "Eight. Even better."
Damien: "Better?"
Aiden: "Yeah. Because now, you have to save eight lives. Deal?"
Damien: "But..."
Aiden: "Ya gotta balance those scales, Damien. Do we have a deal?"
Damien: "Deal."
Aiden: "Smart move."
Damien: "I better not regret this..."
Aiden: "You won't. I got a job for you."
Damien: "Hey! That's my line."
Aiden: "How 'bout that... Damien's got a sense of humor."
Damien: "Gallows humor, I guess."
Aiden: "Seems appropriate, all things considered."
Damien: "Aiden?"
Aiden: "Yeah?"
Damien: "Thanks..."
Aiden: "No problem. I saved your life kid. Now don't fuck it up, okay?"

(After Roger opens the hatch)
Roger: "Jesus, Damien. What's up with you? Were you about to jump?"
Damien: "I was, but Aiden..."
Roger: "What's with this 'it's all my fault' business? Talk to me."
Damien: "Yeah, the people from the Bazaar, my brother--"

Aiden: "(Interrupt Damien.) Hold up. Don't confuse yourself again, Damien. Just relax and shut up for now."
Roger: "Wait, he was just talking about killing people or something. What's going on here?"
Aiden: "The kid just found out his brother died. He's in shock, babbling nonsense. Cut the man some slack, will you? Have a heart."
Roger: "Fuck, Cliff's dead? No wonder he's all torn up. I get it now. My sympathies, Damien. You can talk to me whenever you want."
Aiden: "(Do nothing.)"
Damien: "Yeah, the people from the Bazaar, my brother... all dead. Because of me. The men who took my brother, they forced me. But that's no excuse. I'm disgusting. I didn't wanna live anymore."
Roger: "Oh you'll live. Long enough to see justice served. Aiden, you stay out of this, unless you wanna be dangling next to Damien when they finally hang him."