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Factions are different groups of survivors found in the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Villedor is home to three Factions: the Survivors, the Peacekeepers, and the Renegades. Each Faction wishes to control as much of Villedor as possible, attempting to project influence to people both within and outside the city walls. While the player can align themselves with either the Survivors or Peacekeepers as the story progresses, the Renegades will always remain hostile to the player. If they encounter each other, Renegades will also attack Survivors and Peacekeepers.



The Survivors are the first Faction the player will encounter in-game. The group maintains permanent territorial holdings in Trinity and New Dawn Park.

The Survivors are a small, collective group of individuals and families who survived The Fall in Villedor, banding together to survive the apocalypse. The Survivors are pacifist by nature, hoping to eventually create a free and peaceful world that can avoid war and conflict altogether. Faction rewards emphasize mobility and parkour for the player.

The Survivors are mainly centered in the Bazaar and the Fish Eye Canteen.


The Peacekeepers are the second Faction the player will encounter in-game. The group maintains permanent territorial holdings in Quarry End and The Wharf.

The Peacekeepers are a large and organized militant group consisting of ex-soldiers that were once under the command of the Colonel. The force is lead by Jack Matt and wishes to eliminate lawlessness throughout the city, battling Renegades and even the Survivors in the process. Faction rewards emphasize weaponry and traps.

The Peacekeepers are mainly centered in the Terminal Station and PK Floating Fortress.


The Renegades are the third Faction the player will encounter in-game. The group maintains permanent territorial holdings in Newfound Lost Lands.

The Renegades are a hostile group of ex-soldiers and bandits serving under the command of the Colonel and Vincent Waltz. Holding control of the city's Dam, the Renegades consistently harass and assault all areas of life in Old Villedor and the Central Loop. The player cannot align themselves with the Renegades throughout the story, nor can they serve alongside the Faction at any point.

The Renegades are mainly centered in the Pumping Station.


A defunct group of ex-soldiers who braved the terrors of the night to help survivors. Under the command of Frank Marwey, the Nightrunners assisted in establishing a society following the Black Monday bombings and Villedor's civil war, attempting to save as many lives as possible. Depending on the players choices, the Nightrunners can be re-instated as a group near the game's end.


A collective group of survivors that journey the wastes of civilization, serving as travelers and message carriers between humanities last inhabited settlements.


A mysterious faction of very talented huntsmen employed to track down and eliminate the most dangerous of the Infected. There is not much information on them, and the only person known to be one of them is Shen Xiu, who came to Villedor in order to track down and hunt for a rare Banshee mutation - The Hag.