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The Mother is a character who appears in Dying Light: The Following. She is the cult leader of "The Following", and leads her servants known as "The Faceless". She holds the power to keep her believers from turning into the infected. It is eventually revealed that she is a sentient-volatile.

During the Take the Vials ending, she will become hostile and attacks Crane (forcing the player to fight her), resulting him severing her head and killing her. During the Sacrifice ending, she will lead Crane to a nuclear warhead and have him activate the bomb, where she thanks him before the blast.


Little is known about the Mother, other than the fact that she was married to a man named Amir, better known as "The Colonel". While it is not expressly stated, the Colonel's access to the mysterious serum which, when converted to smoke, provides a temporary immunity to the base Harran Virus, coupled with his access to nuclear weapons of mass destructions, suggests that after the breakout began, the Colonel was the highest ranking military official left in the Harran countryside.

At some point after the virus spread beyond control, Jasmine was given a set of vials containing the serum which, as her condition suggests, rendered her a sentient volatile infected after consuming. Since then, she has been worshiped by locals and considered the leader of the cult group known as "The Faceless".

Her intentions seem to be destroying the virus completely by ordering Crane to carry out the "God of the Sun" prophecy by detonating a nuclear warhead whose atomic yield is unknown, but capable of wiping out any traces of the infection in both the countryside and the city of Harran.


The Following


Show: The Gathering

Mother: "Kyle..."
Crane: "What's... What's happening to me..."
Mother: "Hear me, Kyle. Accept me."
Crane: "This can't be happening... Can't be..."
Mother: "You are a gift, Kyle. Your destiny and mine are intertwined."
Crane: "This can't be happening... Can't be..."
Mother: "Believe in me, Kyle. As I believe in you."
Crane: "Who are you?!"

Show: The Following

Crane: "Holy shit... Holy fucking shit... Hey, anybody there? Brother?"
Mother: "More fighting... More death. I can't let this happen again... I won't."
Crane: "It's... It's you? Where are the Faceless? What's happening to me, why do I hear your voice inside my head?!"
Mother: "Children of the Sun, Kyle... They were nothing before the outbreak. Just a half-forgotten tradition... An old-world faith long dead... I'm tired. I've held this title for so long now. The Mother. It was meaningless... Until it became all too real. I thought their respect came simply because I was a colonel's wife. We had a good, cozy life... After the outbreak my husband came to get me out. We didn't stand a chance against the horde. We were bitten. He bled to death in my arms. He gave me his cigarette case and asked me to run. He didn't want to hurt me. I was dragged away by the believer... They came for their Mother. It took me a while to remember that my husband didn't smoke. I looked inside... There was a map, a key and a note with numbers. It led us here. The healthy ones tried to get the power back on. The rest of us went to look for medicine... Pointlessly. We found a locked container. The numbers turned out to be a code. There were... strange vials inside. The other looked to me. They could've held medicine. They could've held poison. I felt a seizure coming. I was about to turn. And I realized: why else would my husband lead me here? I loved him. I trusted him. I remember a taste. Acrid. Bitter as blood. It might have been blood."

Upon interacting with the Mother:

Mother: "I awoke. Down there. Surrounded by the remains of the people who had trusted me. It was because of the light. Someone finally turned the power back on... And the light brought me back. (Removes mask) You see? Breathing the fumes is one thing, but drinking the liquid is... Something else entirely. In the light, in the sun, my mind is my own. I'm filled with love you couldn't possibly imagine. But in the dark... My new nature dominates. Mindless. Lethal. In the dark, with cruel passion, I ripped my own children to pieces... But I swore to myself that I would become the Mother they really deserve. And now you have come, Kyle. And every sign tells me you're the one I've been waiting for. It's in the prophecy, Kyle. "Then shall be revealed one man who, through an act of ultimate sacrifice, shall accept the Mercy of the Light..." "And the God of the Sun shall be revealed through him, and through him will He speak...""
Crane: "I just need that medicine to save my friends!"
Mother: "Look at my face! There is no medicine! You want mankind to become what I am?! Listen to my voice. Beautiful evolution indeed?! Mind and souls, connected in a telepathic bond. How poetic... Look at me! And when the darkness comes... what then? More death? More killing? You can hide from others, but who will hide them from you?"
Crane: "But we don't have to drink it! With just the mist–"
Mother: "It doesn't matter! Just listen! You've been breathing the mist! It will take longer, but you're already changing into a monster such as myself!"
Crane: "No. Wait... Listen..."
Mother: "The army built a fail-safe into their experiment. This entire region can be purified. The question is: are you ready to sacrifice thousands of lives, Kyle — yours among them?"

If "Sacrifice is the only way out? ...Damn it. All right. I'm listening." is chosen:

Crane: "So what... that's it? Game over...? Fuck... Fuck! All right. So what do I do?"
Mother: "Wake up the God of the Sun. Follow me, Kyle."
Crane: "(While walking) So the coming of your God means... We all die? And the plague — it dies with us?"
Mother: "It always meant that. "...and He shall pass through the Gates of Death so that He may bring new life"."
Crane: "If it kills the plague... I mean... I guess it's worth it. This place doesn't look much like the 'Gates of Death' to me, though."
Mother: "Flowery language, isn't it? I was searching for proof, Kyle. For truth in our traditions. But Atilla's death shattered my hopes. It was proof."
Crane: "What? That there are no miracles?"
Mother: "What's a miracle, anyway, Kyle? Becoming a sentient Volatile? I'm nothing more than a monster. Becoming a hero during the apocalypse? You're just the right man in the right place."
Crane: "...So this is the "fail-safe". And what do you need me for?"
Mother: "The key I got from my husband worked. But the codes he gave me didn't. I know that's the only way, I just don't know how."
Crane: "Codes... Your husband... He had a fail-safe too. He left the codes with Atilla... so he could decide if you'd stay sane enough to make a decision..."
Mother: "Wait — you have the codes? Atilla thought you'd be a better judge? I hope you judge me well, then. Let this madness end, Kyle. Please."
Warhead system: "Emergency Lock Override: Accepted. Preparation of nuclear warheads in progress. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."

If "I want no part of your bullshit! Just let me take the vials and go!" is chosen:

Crane: "Are you crazy? I won't play your God of the Sun, I want no part in this bullshit — just let me take the vials and go!"
Mother: "(Removes cap from a vial) Maybe you'll understand when you see it with my eyes... ...How narcissistic. You? The God of the Sun Himself? I'll show you who you really are. Drink!"
Crane: "(spit fluids out) No... No, goddammit... You fucking monster!"
Mother: "I may not be human anymore. But my love for humanity fills me... A love which you defy! And you know that a love rejected turns to anger. An anger you will bear, Kyle Crane! I will make you pay for all those I couldn't save! (Throws Crane to the floor)"

After losing the ability to hold items:

Crane: "What's going on..."
Mother: "It's happening...."
Crane: "No, no, no..."
Mother: "Faster than I thought..."
Crane: "What's happening to me!?"
Mother: "You'll see for yourself..."

After defeating the Mother:

Mother: "You can't endure this, Kyle! This is a poison! You'll... Kill... Them all... (Gets decapitated)"
Crane: "First I'll kill you, bitch. ...And save my friends... And you can rot in hell."

While escaping and hallucinating:

Mother: "You can't change anything, Kyle."
Crane: "What's happening to me?"
Mother: "You'll see for yourself..."
Crane: "I... I killed you! I fucking killed you!"
Mother: "This is a poison!"
Crane: "It's not a poison! It's a cure! (Tries to contact Lena) Lena? Lena, I'm coming back with the medicine! We'll be able to help everyone! Tell Camden that he has all the time in the world now... No! Tell him that we have a new lead, a better one!"


  • "Such potential, Kyle. So much wasted." – During combat
  • "You cannot survive this." – During combat