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“The GRE, the world, needed you. You seemed our only hope!” -Veronika, about the GRE experiments on young children.

Veronika Ryan is one of the characters who appears in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. An ex-GRE doctor in hiding in Old Villedor working for the Bazaar, she hides from Waltz and other unsavoury figures.


Before the Fall, Veronika was a GRE doctor at the Mount Lucid Observatory. She has intimate knowledge of the building. She was the director of the Field Labs Department. Her team didn’t perform experiments, but instead gathered and compiled research. She had a 5 year old son named Paul.

When the Fall happened, Veronika was at the Observatory with her son. Scientists began turning, and the others had to survive by crawling in vents and sneaking through dark hallways. At some point, she had left her son in order to check if an area was safe for both of them. When she came back 15 minutes later, he was gone.

Her and a number of other GRE scientists slipped out of the Observatory in order to survive. Veronika hid the fact that she was GRE, and was affiliated with many different factions in Villedor. According to Sophie, Veronika used to work with the Peacekeepers. Frank also recognizes her as someone who used to visit the Fisheye.

‘Veronika’ Mission

Depending on who you give the VNC tower to, Jack Matt or Frank will inform the player about Veronika. Aiden Caldwell is surprised that the medic he had a brief interaction with at the Bazaar is the scientist he is looking for. The player will be told to look for Veronika at the Bazaar.

If you gave the first water tower to the survivors, Barney will tell you about Veronika’s whereabouts after a brief, optional, interaction. If you gave the first water tower to the Peacekeepers, the Bazaar will be almost empty and gutted. The only inhabitant, an injured Sophie, will reprimand you for siding with the P.K. and tell you where Veronika is hiding. Either way, the player goes to a safe house attacked by Renegades, where Vincenzo will put you into contact with Veronika.

The player will meet Veronika in a secret room near the dam. She will lie to Aiden, and say that she was only a mid-level doctor and didn’t work in Villedor. After you enter the Observatory, Veronika will help guide Aiden to the GRE database. She gets stuck in an elevator, revealing that she is extremely claustrophobic.

After Aiden becomes trapped in a room while turning on the power, he climbs through vents and enters Veronika’s old office. There are two certificates, both having been signed by Waltz, and a photo of her son. Veronika will then enter the office, and Aiden will call her out for lying. She tells the truth about her job and says what happened to her son.

Waltz attacking Veronika.webp

After the two access the database, Renegades attack them. While Aiden fights them off, Veronika leaves the room without telling him. Waltz finds Veronika and attempts to get the GRE access key. Aiden and Waltz fight, but during the fight Aiden’s infection takes over and he attacks Veronika, killing and ripping her apart. The damage isn’t seen in its entirety, but one of Veronika’s arms and legs are torn off. When Lawan finds Aiden later, she says it was almost like a volatile did it.