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Aitor is a (major) character in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. A Peacekeeper officer commanding the forces in Old Villedor, Aitor is trying to defuse an explosive situation involving the murder of the previous commander, Lucas, and the theft of his weapon. With the Bazaar and the Peacekeepers on the brink of war, he desperately attempts to preserve the peace.


A Peacekeeper officer, he and his wife lived in England at least some time before the THV outbreak. When it broke out, he and his family presumably fled to Villedor, where he joined the Peacekeepers and rose to the rank of Sergeant Major before meeting Aiden Caldwell. After Aiden returns the Lazarus to Aitor, he is shown being promoted to Lieutenant.

Personality and Gear

"I HATE politics, and you chose the wrong side!
Aitor to Aiden Caldwell (determinant)."

Aitor is a tough and calculating man who can be extremely ruthless and vengeful, particularly towards untrustworthy allies, but can also be caring and kind towards his allies. He is primarily results-oriented and prefers quiet and quick solutions to problems, but will not hesitate to use force to crush resistance. He also deeply cares for his family, particularly his kids in the central loop.

He also appears to have a particular distaste for Barney and Carl, seeing them as a dangerous and destabilizing influence on the Bazaar.

Aitor is a tall man with blue-gray eyes and black hair, swept back and shaved on the sides. He wears black shoes with white laces, dark blue trousers with a black holster secured by belt buckles, a brown belt slung over his right shoulder and held together by a black buckle, a brown military coat open at the beck and secured in place with gold buttons, as well as brown fingerless gloves with black highlights. The left sleeve of the cat is rolled up, exposing his wrist, tattoo, and forearm. In addition, he wears a right forearm guard, a left shoulder guard, and a blue Peacekeeper chestplate, all either marked with the Peacekeeper emblem or the Unit 7-03.


The Only Way Out

While trying to get to the Central Loop, Aiden is captured and then brought to Aitor for interrogation. The two then come to an agreement where Aiden will help in finding the killer of the previous Commander and in exchange Aitor promises to help him get to The Central Loop.

The Raid

During this quest, Aitor informs Aiden that Sophie will betray him, and advises him to be cautious.

Water Tower

Aitor will ask Aiden to assign the Horseshoe Water Tower to the Peacekeepers so that it can be used as a pressure point on the Bazaar to find Lucas' murderer.

Into The Dark

Having helped Aitor in finding the primary suspect of Lucas' murder, he allows Aiden and Hakon to use the metro tunnels to get to the Central Loop, though things do not go as planned.

Let's Waltz!

After escaping the clutches of Barney, or having aided Sophie in destroying the Old Villedor Master Windmill, Aiden will run into Aitor and three of his Peacekeepers in the tunnel leading to the Car Factory. After a brief argument they decide to work together in order to fix the electricity in the tunnel. Shortly after Aitor and his men run into and supposedly capture Vincent Waltz. This is however proven to be false as Waltz easily disposes of the Peacekeepers, including Aitor, and proceeds to take the GRE Access Key from Aiden.


In the Central Loop, Aitor will be encountered during the quest "Welcome On Board", where a wounded Aitor is carried into the PK Floating Fortress. The outcome of the quest will determine his fate. If the player decides to give him the small petals, as instructed by the folk healer Margaret, Aitor's condition will stabilize and he will survive. If he is instead given the big petals Aitor will have a sudden seizure, followed by a quick death. If left to his own devices Aitor will be temporarily saved by his doctor but without a proper cure he will eventually succumb to his wounds and die.


Show: The Only Way Out

Aitor: "Where did he come from?"
Rudy: "He was wandering through the tunnels, fucking Bazaar riffraff..."
Anderson: "More like a Renegade spy."
Aitor: "Huh... doesn't look like a Renegade."
(Upon waking up)
Anderson: "He's awake. What were you doing at our base?"
Aiden: "I'm only trying to get to the City Center."
Anderson: "The Center? The tunnel's gonna be closed until you hand over Lucas's killers! Bazaar scum... How is it that you lot saw nothing, heard nothing... and you managed to forget about the ban on passage? Maybe we'll sturt punishing you by cutting off your hands. That would improve your memory, huh? What were you doing 4 days ago?!"
Aiden: "I'm a Pilgrim. Four days ago, I was a hundred kilometers away."
Aitor: "Enough, Anderson. We need the truth, and you won't get it through coercion."
Anderson: "But Commander Lucas always said..."
Aitor: "Lucas is dead and now I'm in command. You've read the reports: a Pilgrim appeared in the Bazaar yesterday. Looks like he's not lying. Leave us, sergeant! I want to talk to him alone."
(After Anderson leaves)
Aitor: "Where did you come from?"
Aiden: "Crossdale River."
Aitor: "That's over fifteen hundred kilometers from here!"
Aiden: "Actually, more than two thousand. Freeway bridges collapsed. There are no straight paths."
Aitor: "And you've managed to make it so far away... Impressive. What's it like out there these days?"

Aiden: "(When was the last time you were outside the city?) When was the last time you were out of the city?"
Aitor: "About 15 years ago."
Aiden: "Then there are that many fewer survivors and that many more infected."
Aitor: "Stands to reason. Most people endure living in this hellhole because what's out there has gotta be so much worse. My wife and I lived in England. I had two sisters. Two brothers. I haven't heard from them for... 10 years."
Aiden: "Where did they live?"
Aitor: "In and around London."
Aiden: "From what I've been told, London doesn't exist. There may be four settlements left on the entire Island."
Aitor: "Fucking hell..."
Aiden: "(Why do you think I killed anyone?) Why would anyone think I killed your commander?"
Aitor: "You tried to escape to the Central Loop four days after the murder. Besides... If I were Carl, I'd hire a stranger to kill Lucas, too. The cleanest way."
Aiden: "Well... I don't know who Carl is."
Aitor: "You'll find out soon enough. Carl keeps both hands on the steering wheel. He's a faux-sanctimonious prick who's turning the entire Bazaar against us... even though we protect them."
Aiden: "(Outlands are dangerous.) What's it like outside the walls? You never know where danger's gonna come from. Always new territories, new threats."
Aitor: "And you came here to take shelter?"
Aiden: "I came here because I'm looking for someone. And a lot of people are said to have survived in Villedor."
Aitor: "You're looking for someone...? Hmm.... Maybe I can help you. But not for free."
Aiden: "I'm used to trading. What you need?"
Aitor: "No nonsense. That's good. The tunnel will be closed until I find our commander's murderer. Commander Lucas. His body was found in the Bazaar... horribly mutilated. The people of the Bazaar aren't making this easy. They are proud and loyal. They refuse to turn anyone in. But command has lost its patience... I have orders from the top, Pilgrim. If the inhabitants of Old Villedor continue to revolt, our army will come here. And burn the Bazaar to the ground. I'd rather avoid that."
Aiden: "What do you need from me?"
Aitor: "Lucas had a weapon. A rare set of brass knuckles called the Lazarus. This is the key to finding the killer. If you learn anything about the Lazarus, tell me and I will most certainly return the favor. It's worth a lot, and we didn't find it on his body. I think someone from the Bazaar may have appropriated it."
Aiden: "(Why should I trust you?) And why should I work with you? You attacked me and accused me of murder with no proof whatsoever."
Aitor: "Our mistake. You're clearly not the murderer."
Aiden: "Why can't you investigate on your own? I hardly known anyone here."
Aitor: "That's exactly why you can help me. Nobody will talk to us. To them, we're occupiers. The fact that we clear the streets of the infected and catch criminals? Doesn't matter. What matters is that we eat their food and drink their water. But you... you are a Pilgrim. There are many ways you can help people... and you are from the outside. They can trust you."
Aiden: "They tried to kill me."
Aitor: "Meh. Look, we're your only chance. If you want to get to the center, that is. So, will you help me?"
Aiden: "(I have my own affairs.)"
Aiden: "(I can try.) So if I find that weapon, you'll let me through to the Center?"
Aitor: "It's not that easy. Villedor suffered much. First it was isolated from the outside world because of infection. Then the walls became its salvation... But people here learned not to trust easily. I won't open the passage until I've caught the killer. But if you can find the Lazarus, I'll remember that. You'll be the first one through once justice is done."
Aiden: "Sounds as if I have no other choice. I'll try."
Aitor: "Look around. Ask people. And don't come back empty-handed. Good luck."

(Upon returning with the Lazarus)
Aitor: "The Pilgrim has returned ... I hope not empty-handed."
Aiden: "I found the Lazarus."
Aitor: "I'll be damned. I was right that you could open doors we couldn't. Where's the fucker who had'em?"
Aiden: "In Meatpacking Square."
Aitor: "You didn't let him go did you? Coulda been the murderer!"
Aiden: "Uh, a girl had them. She's ten or something. She didn't kill him. Just looted the corpse."
Aitor: "Stop. We'll get back to this later. Leave us."

Aiden: "(What is this tattoo?) Looks like a constellation on your arm."
Aitor: "Those are rank tattoos. When we ran low on resources, tattoos eventually replaced medals. They show our hierarchy."
Aiden: "Like in prison?"
Aitor: "Prison or military, it's all the same. There's always a pecking order."
Aiden: "(Get me to the Center.) I did what you wanted. Your turn. Get me to the Center."
Aitor: "Opening the tunnel to the Central Loop is beyond my pay-grade, Pilgrim. Commands wants me to find the killer..."
Aiden: "Aitor – you promised!"
Aitor: "Cool down Pilgrim. I keep my promises. First, take this. A token of gratitude."
Aiden: "Aitor – I have to get to the center. Get it?"
Aitor: "You are looking for someone, right? I want to go to the Central Loop, too. My wife and kids are there and I can't protect them when I'm stuck here. The tunnel will open when I find the killer. Is that clear? You can help me. Or you can wait until I find him myself. I see traces of blood on the Lazarus's blades. Lucas managed to wound his killer before he died. Bastard's gotta have a nasty gash. If you find him, you'll not only help me, you'll be helping yourself."
Aiden: "OK... Do you have any suspects?"
Aitor: "The commander was murdered in the Bazaar. It had to be someone from there."
Aiden: "(What's your problem with the Bazaar?) The people of the Bazaar are simple folk. Why would they risk defying you?"
Aitor: "And that's why I want to discover the truth before the orders come down to use force. Besides... appearances can be deceiving. They want to get rid of us. They think anarchy is the key to building a new world."
Aiden: "Well, there is plenty of anarchy these days."
Aitor: "Carl is a faux-pious hustler who brainwashes others with slick speeches. He says everyone's equal, but it's bullshit. You can't be a leader and an equal at the same time."
Aiden: "(I will find the killer.) I'll try to find Lucas's killer."
Aitor: "Splendid. That's your ticket to the Center. Head back to the Bazaar."
Aiden: "Anything else I should know before I go?"
Aitor: "Yes. As a matter of fact. But this is totally hush-hush. Word of this cannot get out."
Aiden: "Sounds serious."
Aitor: "Whoever killed Lucas took a little trophy. Carved his tattoo right out of his bloody arm!"
Aiden: "They cut into his corpse? That is seriously fucked up..."
Aitor: "Seriously. Men found out Lucas was desecrated like that, they'd lose their shit. And it would be total war. I'm telling you this cuz if you find that little... trophy... Then you've found the sick fuck who killed Lucas."
Aiden: "Got it. I'll head out right now."

(If Aitor is approached again)
Aiden: "Hey, Aitor. Got a minute?"
Aitor: "Are you telling me you've already figured out who the murderer is?"
Aiden: "Not yet, but I have other questions."
Aitor: "Just be quick about it."

Aiden: "(What do you know about Waltz?) Do you know anything about a man named Waltz?"
Aitor: "A long time ago, when I was a soldier patrolling the streets of the Central Loop, I ran into a Renegade squad. I was alone, scared, but I stood my ground. They almost killed me. But their leader stepped in. Told them to stop. He looked me in the eye and said: 'Why is such a brave soldier on Matt's leash and not mine?' 'When you wise up, come to Williams' Stronghold.' He gathered his squad and then they were gone. It wasn't until later that I found out it might have been Waltz. He wanted to recruit me."
Aiden: "(You mentioned your wife and children.) You mentioned you wanted to go back to the Central Loop because of your family."
Aitor: "Yeah, they are everything to me. You know, since Lucas' case got stuck, I've been wondering... ...Is it possible that on my obsession with getting promoted, taking more missions... I neglected my family? Never mind. Almost everyone under my command has someone in the Central Loop. Everyone wants to go back there."
Aiden: "(Was Lucas a good commander?) Was Commander Lucas a good leader?"
Aitor: "Too good... Sometimes I even wish he wasn't so competent..."
Aiden: "What do you mean?"
Aitor: "You know... He's tough act to follow. You may have heard that not all of my men... value me. But once we find the body, everything will change. I will regain their trust."
Aiden: "(Leave.)"
Show: Missing Persons

Aiden: "Aitor?"
Aitor: "I'm listening."
Aiden: "It's Aiden. I've just been offered an extremely shady deal. Maybe it'll turn up a lead on Lucas."
Aitor: "I need more than just leads Aiden. Whatever it is, check it out."
Aiden: "Will do. Over and out."
(After killing Cliff)
Aiden: "Aitor?"
Aitor: "Did the lead pan out?"
Aiden: "Nah. Dead end."
Aitor: "Not surprised. What can ya do?"
Aiden: "I'll keep digging."
Aitor: "Do."