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Rudolph, nicknamed Spike, is a character featured in Dying Light and Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Early life

During an encounter with Haluk, a former hotelier and survivor at the Tower, he reveals that Spike is 49 years old and worked as a professor at the University of Southern California. He went on sabbatical leave following an "incident" with a young co-ed, which her parents claimed was an affair; accusations Spike denies. Haluk also reveals his real name to be Rudolph.

Events of Dying Light

"Just what I need: More unskilled labor."
-Spike to Kyle Crane

He is the leader of a group of survivors tasked with protecting the mobile laboratory and research of Dr. Imran Zere, a scientist searching for a potential cure to the virus. They have secured themselves within the courtyard immediately south of the Tower. He is also responsible for setting up traps and safe zones within the Slums.

During the main story quest First Assignment, Kyle Crane is sent to assist Spike in arming a series of traps along a route which Harris Brecken and a group of runners will follow while returning with an airdrop. However, Crane is interrupted when the Tower loses contact with one of its runners and he is sent to investigate, securing a safe zone in the process. Spike then contacts Kyle and asks him to arm some UV light traps near the warehouses, but this causes the district to lose power. Spike directs Crane to a nearby power substation where he is able to reboot the power. As night is falling, Spike urges Crane to return to safety.

When Kyle next speaks to Spike, he will thank him for his help and reward him with a UV Flashlight as well as a remote which can activate the light traps he has set up. From this point on, he offers his services as a quartermaster.

After Crane and Jade Aldemir investigate the bandit activity at Harran Public School, Spike radios him to inform Kyle he has temporarily relocated to the Ferry Harbor, where he is working alongside Morgan. However, during the quest The Pit, the courtyard is attacked by Kadir "Rais" Suleiman and his gang; Dr. Zere is kidnapped and many of the guards are killed. Spike remains with the Ferry Harbor until Crane travels to Old Town.

Following Kyle's departure from the Slums in The Saviors, Spike eventually follows him and seeks refuge with the survivors residing within Harran University. After reaching Old Town if you fast travel back to the tower you can find Spike also there as a quartermaster, he is located near the workshop in first floor.

Around the time of Dying Light: The Following, he managed to get some of the survivors out of Harran,[1] after then it is unknown exactly what happened to Spike. However, He is later seen 15 years after, in the events of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Events of Dying Light 2 Stay Human

"Who would've thought the end of the world could be so... peaceful?"
-Spike to Aiden while contemplating the Fall.

Spike appears first in the introduction as fellow Pilgrim and friend of the main character, Aiden Caldwell. By 2036, it had been approximately two years since the two had last seen each other, Spike was pivotal in providing Aiden with information on how to contact Dylan to aid Aiden's search for Mia.

In the game ending, Spike arrives in Villedor and meets with a bartender named Nikolas, which he delivers a package from Banes either for Jack Matt, Frank Marwey, or Juan Rainer, but Nikolas either breaks the news that Jack is dead, Frank is dead (if he was killed), or Juan is held up tight to prevent himself from being attacked in a mutiny. Spike then asks if any of his people came through, in which Nikolas mentions Aiden, telling him that Aiden has left the city, citing that Aiden was taking a drug that was destroying him, therefore, is destined to a life on the road.


"I wish Crane could have seen this."
-Spike to Aiden, regarding the peaceful countryside outside Villedor.

Spike appears standoffish when Crane first meets him, regarding him as just another worker. After crane successfully completes tasks for him, he becomes more friendly towards Crane.

He later becomes friendlier, and regards Crane as a friend and fondly remembers him 20 years later.


Dying Light

Show: First Assignment

Crane: "Spike? I'm Crane."
Spike: "Just what I need. More unskilled labor. All right, shut up and pay attention: there are two types of airdrops. One has food, first aid supplies, survival gear and such. The other kind is filled with Antizin. The GRE sends in a one-way video feed that lets us know when they're on the way. Look, the trouble is, the airdrops with Antizin keep getting raided by Rais's thugs. And without Antizin we are basically screwed. Rais and his boys only operate during the day, because going out after dark is a dandy way to get killed. But the next two Antizin drops are coming down right at sunset tonight, and Brecken means to go after them. This may be our only chance to reach the airdrop."
Crane: "What's my part here?"
Spike: "Well, as I said, going out at night is basically suicide... or it would be, if I hadn't been setting up safe zones and traps out there for weeks now. Which I have. Brecken and his team will be okay tonight-so long as you get out there now and arm those traps. THAT'S your part."
Crane: "All right, what are these traps, and how do I arm them?"
Spike: "You'll see. I'll be talking you through it. Just remember... without these traps, Brecken won't survive the night. And if he doesn't come back with Antizin, we are lost. Before you head out there, grab some firecrackers. Made them myself. They make a fine distraction if you get in trouble."

After speaking to the GRE:

Crane: "Jade? It's done."
Jade: "Good. We'll need to prepare more places like that one. We've got more spots picked out for future safe zones. Spike will mark them on your map later. And... Crane? Thank you... Back to you, Spike!"
Spike: "Right now you need to get back to our main task and arm the next trap. There's another car close by."
Crane: "Got it."

After nearing the car trap:

Crane: "The Infected're all over the street."
Spike: "So what does that tell you? Keep off the street! Try to stay on the rooftops where they can't reach you."
Crane: "They're all around the car, Spike."
Spike: "You still have some firecrackers, don't you? Just throw some into the crowd. Those dead bastards are easily distracted."

After finishing the car traps:

Crane: "All done with the car, Spike."
Spike: "Keep on like that and you might just make it. The next trap's close by. And I shouldn't have to tell you, but: don't get caught out in the open!"
Crane: "Spike, these freaks are everywhere. If I need to use a trap, how do I activate it?"
Spike: "You can't. I told you, they're only for the night mission."
Crane: "Shit. Okay."

Upon approaching the first light trap:

Crane: "Quite a contraption you got here."
Spike: "Three times brighter than an ordinary street lamp. Gives the Infected quite the sunburn."

After activating the light traps:

Crane: "Okay, lights are all set."
Spike: "You're ready for the next one, then. Better hurry."

After activating the fourth light trap:

Crane: "Fuck. Spike, the whole goddamn district went down. What the hell's going on?!"
Spike: "Ugh... not again... All right, listen. There's a power substation near you. Go check it out."

After turning the power back online:

Crane: "All right, I've got the substation reset. But if the grid shorted out once, you know it could happen again, right?"
Spike: "You leave the electrical engineering to me, okay? Just get your ass to a safe zone. You're gonna have to spend the night there."

After having spent the night:

Spike: "Crane, you awake? Something bad happened. We need to talk."
Crane: "Okay, give me a sec."

Upon returning to Spike:

Spike: "Crane, first of all... you did great out there! From now on, if you need something, come see me. And to start with... Here's a UV flashlight and a remote control. You run up on a volatile, give him a face full of UV or lead him into a trap, which you trigger with the remote. Got it?"
Crane: "Got it."
Spike: "Perfect. Now for the bad news: despite your efforts, Brecken's mission failed."
Crane: "Shit... is he okay?"
Spike: "He's alive. But you need to get back to the Tower. Jade called all the Scouts in, and that means you."

Show: Pact with Rais

Spike: "Hey! Crane! If you've got a second, I want to patch you through to somebody who really wants to talk to you."
Crane: "Huh? Who?"
Troy: "Is this Kyle Crane?"
Crane: "... Who wants to know?"
Troy: "My name is Troy. I lead a small group of survivors over in Sector 0. We call ourselves the Embers. Sector 0 is completely sealed off. Mr. Crane, until you restored radio communication, we didn't know if anyone else in the city was still alive. I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are. You've given us a small measure of hope."
Crane: "Uh... well... I'm happy to help."
Troy: "If there's ever any way we can help YOU, Mr. Crane, please don't hesitate to ask."

Show: Siblings

Spike: "Crane, you there?"
Crane: "What's up, Spike?"
Spike: "Just FYI... If you need me, I'll be at the ferry station, helping Morgan prep the barge."

Show: Old Town

Spike: "Crane! Good to see you again!"
Crane: "Spike?! Holy shit! How'd you get here?"
Spike: "Wasn't easy. Anyway, Brecken sends his best. And listen, from now on you can always find me here, okay? Everything I had for you in the Slums, that'll all be here too, so feel free to use it."
Crane: "Yeah. Thanks, Spike."
Spike: "No problem, buddy. See you next time."

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Show: Pilgrim's Path

Spike: "Whoo-hoo! You still got it!"
Aiden: "This game used to be more fun."
Spike: "You used to be younger."
Aiden: "And dumber."
Spike: "What matters is, you're still just as fast. Because a slow Pilgrim's a dead Pilgrim."
Aiden: "A dead Pilgrim... Yeah, I know, I know."
Spike: "Get up here. I wanna show you something."
(Upon reaching Spike and following him)
Aiden: "Thanks. It's good to see you, Spike. How long has it been?"
Spike: "Far too long, but don't get all mushy on me, now. Come, I wanna show you something."
Aiden: "Where we going?"
Spike: "You'll see. It's incredible."
Aiden: "What's incredible?"
Spike: "Most Pilgrims don't last two, three years on the road. While you've been kicking around for what, four years now? And you're still alive."
Aiden: "So are you."
Spike: "I know, but I'm fucking awesome."
Aiden: "Hah. Yeah, right, right."
Spike: "Seriously. I wish I had as much energy as you. Got a new lead on Jane?"
Aiden: "Trail went cold after New Paris."
Spike: "Which route'd you take? Through Baines or Garry?"
Aiden: "Baines. What a shit-hole. Some five rickety huts left and a ramshackle fence."
Spike: "Look at that, a beehive full of honey. Can't let an opportunity like this go to waste."
Aiden: "No way."
Spike: "Look around. If we're lucky, there's chamomile growing here too."
(After obtaining the ingredients)
Aiden: "This will do."
Spike: "You remember that old herbalist we helped escort to her village?"
Aiden: "Oh, yeah, the one who had that saying... Remember: chamomile and honey are gifts that keep giving."
Spike: "Combine them and, lucky you, uou just might go on living."
(After crafting Medicine)
Spike: "Come on. We're almost there. This is it. Come on."
Aiden: "Wow."
Spike: "Somebody had a nice crib. Dammit, locked. I'll try to get through here. You check the other side. Take anything we could use."
Aiden: "Sure."
(After being startled in the house)
Aiden: "What the..."
Spike: "Aiden! Everything all right?"
Aiden: "Yeah... just rats."
Spike: "Think it's time we parted ways."
Aiden: "Why?"
Spike: "I'm startin' to worry about you. And you know our saying: if you're starting to worry about someone, it means it's time to go."
(Upon going outside)
Aiden: "Heatbreaking."
Spike: "There's nothing like a party to celebrate the end of the world."
Aiden: "They died on their own terms."
Spike: "Let's hope we get that lucky, too. Aiden. I'll see what's upstairs. You check out the garden. Okay?"
Aiden: "Okay."
(On the balcony)
Spike: "Sit down, buddy. For you."
Aiden: "A gift?"
Spike: "A gift from the heavens, to be more accurate. I just found it - by the owner's dead body. May it be of more use to you. Here."
Aiden: "It's gone flat."
Spike: "Look at you and your sophisticated palate. Drink. Who would have thought... the end of the world could be so... peaceful."
Aiden: "At least until night falls."
Spike: "True... I wish Crane could have seen this."
Aiden: "Who?"
Spike: "Doesn't matter. I tracked down that guy for you."

Aiden: "(What guy?) Wait, what. Wh-what guy?"
Spike: "Quit pretending. You became a Pilgrim to track that fucker down. Waltz. I found someone who knows him."
Aiden: "(Why didn't you say so earlier?) Wait, whaaat?! And you're only telling me now?"
Spike: "When I tossed you a beer, thought you'd guess right away we were celebrating. The guy is in Villedor... Supposedly he knows something about Waltz..."
Aiden: "Villedor...? So I'm that close, huh. Great. I-I got a favor to ask you. Will you deliver this to Garry? It's on your way... People don't like Pilgrims there. But they pay well."
Spike: "And where do people like Pilgrims?"
Aiden: "They're afraid of us. Everyone does their best to survive."
Spike: "Maybe... But when something needs to be transported through the hordes of infected, then suddenly they're knocking on our doors. All right. But you owe me one."
Aiden: "Oh, not just one. So what about that guy?"
Spike: "Well, I talked to him, over the radio. He didn't tell me his name. Sounds like he's got something to hide. See the antenna on the hill? That'll help you contact the informer. He'll be listening for you at dawn on a frequency of 140.200 MHz. Told him he'd hear from you soon."
Aiden: "(I'll go straight to the city.) I'll just go straight to the city."
Spike: "It's not that simple. Villedor was supposed to be one of the 'zones': cities that were walled off to keep out the plague. The plan fucked up, but this city, and its walls, survived. But this guy knows a way in. Get in touch with him and he'll tell you everything."
Aiden: "(Do you know what he wants in return?) What does he want in return?"
Spike: "Didn't say. But he didn't sound like the kind of guy who does things for free."
Aiden: "I don't think that kind of guy exists."
Spike: "What? What about me?"
Aiden: "You're an old fart who likes racing me and makes me ask around about his crazy girlfriend!"
Spike: "Hey, hey, hey, she's not crazy. Jane's just maybe, hmm, well... a little hot-headed... And she's always getting herself into trouble, but if you could get a load of her..."
Aiden: "Ha, whoa! All right... still too early in the evening for that sort of talk."
Spike: "Eyes. I was gonna say eyes. Beautiful, steely, huge..."
Aiden: "Never heard anyone get so worked up about gray eyes."
Spike: "Because you don't know shit about the world. Let alone women."
Aiden: "You're probably right..."
Spike: "I'm telling you. I'll finally find Jane. We'll set up a house. We're gonna live there. No one's gonna drive us out. And I'll stop wandering like a moron."
Aiden: "I'll drink to that."
Spike: "And that Waltz. What's his deal? Is he family?"
Aiden: "No, not at all."
Spike: "Then why're you looking for him? Will you tell me sometime?"
Aiden: "Yeah... Yeah, one day."
Spike: "Well, my time's up."
Aiden: "So when will I see you again, huh? In another two years?"
Spike: "Maybe... Take care, man. I hope you find that Waltz guy. Or whoever you're looking for. And remember, 140.200MHz. At dawn. The guy is waiting for you."


Dying Light

  • "OK, first - the car. Open the hood and connect the battery. That'll arm the trap." – During First Assignment
  • "Hey-this blackout has really put us in a tight spot. We're defenseless here, plus the safe zones and some of my traps are down, too. We need to get the power up and running ASAP." – During First Assignment

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

  • "Shit, man! You're still strong."
  • "Aiden! Come here! Check this out!"


  • As of 2036, Spike is 71 years old, making him one of the oldest characters in the series.
  • Spike is one of the few returning characters from the first game along with Tolga and Fatin, the three of them are also currently the only known survivors of the events of Harran as it isn't known what's become of the survivors in The Tower, Old Town or Kyle Crane himself.
    • Going by how Spike talks about Crane briefly to Aiden in Dying Light 2, it's implied Spike believes Crane to be dead as he isn't aware of his whereabouts.



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