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Alberto is a Craftmaster who appears at the Bazaar in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The senior craftsmaster at the Bazaar, he is one of Sophie and Carl's key personnel, as he has a large knowledge of the city's crafting recipes.

Equipment and personality

Alberto is a well-intentioned old man that genuinely wants the best for the bazaar. Despite being extremely eccentric, he is extremely smart and is a talented engineer, as he designed the Old Villedor Master Windmill. He is considered a joke amongst some of the Bazaar's residents, who consider him to be a fool, but he secretly wishes to prove otherwise.

Alberto is an elderly man with a slight stoop, gray hair and bronze spectacles. He wears a tan sweater under a gray Y-vest secured with black buckles, light blue cargo trousers with multiple pockets, and a tool belt around his hips.


The Spark of Invention

Alberto and his son are met to judge whether Carlos can remain as an apprentice.

The Only Way Out

Speak to the craftmasters in the Bazaar to learn the locations of some crystals for Sophie.


Show: The Spark of Invention

Aiden: "Everything all right?"
Carlos: "No! It's grilled! The goat is grilled! I'm such an idiot!"
Aiden: "What happened?"
Carlos: "I must have overcalculated the voltage."
Vincenzo: "See? He's useless."
Carlos: "I'm sorry, I don't know how I could get it so wrong..."
Vincenzo: "I told you it would be a waste of time."
Alberto: "Why... I don't think so... This is very, very... It has big... huge..."
Aiden: "You're saying it has potential?"
Alberto: "Potential, yes! It could be an effective weapon."
Vincenzo: "A weapon?"
Alberto: "It's a ready formula. If you just use it on a weapon... it could raise your odds against turned creatures. The brave goat gave its life to science... There's dinner for everyone... and you... I take you as a... and pronounce you a..."
Carlos: "Craftmaster? Really? Oh my gosh, thank you! Thank you!!!"
Alberto: "We'll talk later. Come, Vincenzo."
Carlos: "I can't thank you enough! Here, take this. If it's not strong enough, come round to my craftmaster workshop."
Aiden: "Sure, thanks. Just, uh, watch yourself out there, okay?"
Carlos: "No worries, friend!"

Show: The Only Way Out

Alberto: "Back in the day, I had a huge... a massive... a, well... an..."
Vincenzo: "A workshop, dad."
Alberto: "Yes! A workshop."
Bazaar Man: "So where is it? You're not in one now, Alberto."
(Upon speaking to Alberto)
Aiden: "Sophie sent me. Says you know where they can find some crystals."
Alberto: "Oh, for fuck's...! They've already sent one of their fu-"
Aiden: "Fuckwits? Who?"
Alberto: "That fellow, her... Sophie's brother... ehh... what was the asshole's name?"
Vincenzo: "Barney. The asshole's name's Barney. And he asked the same question. About a dark zone with crystals."
Aiden: "That's news to me. So where is that dark zone?"
Alberto: "It's a hundred... a hundred and twenty... a hundred..."
Vincenzo: "Dad, can I tell him?"
Aiden: "Please."
Vincenzo: "A hundred meters from the Metro. There's a big sign, "Fashion Store". And a windmill on the other side of the street."
Aiden: "Thanks."