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Mark is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

He is a resident of the Tower, and appears during the main story quest Awakening. Mark needs to be rescued from the thirteenth floor after traveling there to visit his infected brother. However, he is injured and Kyle Crane is forced to kill his brother in order to rescue him. Crane must then craft a medkit for Mark until Doctor Lena arrives, escorted by Timur.

He is admitted to the sick bay on the eighteenth floor, but is not seen following the outbreak during Pact With Rais, hinting that he was killed during it.


Show: Awakening

Mark: "I cut my arm... getting away from him... Oh, God... you had to kill him, didn't you? God damn it... That was... that was my brother... I came down to see him and..."
Crane: "Easy. Easy. It's all right now... I'll get help."

After having spoken to Rahim:

Crane: "Hold still. Lena will be here any minute."
Mark: "Gauze... You gotta find some gauze... And alcohol. Combine them... That'll stop the bleeding... Please... hurry!"
Crane: "Try to stay calm, OK?? I'll be right back."