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"It's nearly sunset, so move it if you don't want to get caught!"
Jade Aldemir

Jade Aldemir is a major character in Dying Light. She is a runner for The Tower by securing airdrops in The Slums. She was once known as the popular kickboxer "The Scorpion" before the outbreak occurred.


In the beginning, she first appears to Kyle Crane's assistance alongside Amir, after Tahir and his men flees from the approaching infected. While Amir is helping Crane to get up, Jade jumps onto a biter and kills it with a stomp before helping Crane and Amir gets to safety. In the process, Amir is killed by the infected and Jade radioes in assistance from the Tower.

After Awakening is completed, Jade tells Rahim about his plan involving explosives being dangerous, much to Rahim's displeasure. Crane, wanting to thank her for saving his life, tells him to prevent her brother from doing his explosive-involved plan.

During First Assignment, Jade radios Crane about securing a safe zone for Brecken's return and asks him to reclaim the zone from the infected. After Crane secures the zone from the infected, she thanks him for the help and allows him to continue working for Spike.

The next morning, Spike notifies Crane that Jade called in all of the runners, including him, and tells him to go to The Tower. Inside, Jade talks to him about Brecken's mission failing due to the infected and Rais's Men beating him to the airdrop, and urges him to back her up by having Brecken stay in The Tower to recover from his wounds. Crane compromises with Brecken about the mission, and she tells him to look for the drop in the Cauldron section of the Slums.

In Airdrop, Crane finds the first airdrop with no success of supplies, before seeing the supply plane sending two more airdrops to different locations. When he finds a scared child hiding in a closet inside a building after saving her from a biter, she reminds Crane to focus on the job at hand, and says that she will find the girl before sunset. While one of the drops was unfortunately reached by Rais's Men first, she tells him to find the other airdrop as soon as possible due to night approaching soon. After he clears the infected from the airdrop, Crane (under the influence of the GRE) throws the found Antizin into a nearby fire, and lies to Jade about the airdrop having no Antizin, much to Jade's displeasure. She also tells him that the Volatiles are awake, in which he is chased by the infected back to Brecken's Tower. Upon returning, she is seen in a meeting with Brecken, opted to go to Rais for Antizin much to Brecken's disagreeing. When Crane appears and opts for the job, she and the others accept this and is joined in with everyone else leaving when Brecken asks to give the room to him and Crane.

During Pact with Rais, she radios Crane after the meeting about how she appreciates him helping out, and she knows that he is doing this to redeem himself after Amir died saving him. She also reveals that she met Amir after the outbreak, being a decent man despite not knowing him for too long. She tells him that she doesn't blame him, due to Amir knowing about the risk, and that she knows that he's taking a risk to do the job for Brecken's Tower. After Crane tells her that he'll contact her once he gets the Antizin, she understands and hopes that he can come back in one piece. Later, upon Crane's return to The Tower with little Antizin from Rais, he gives the Antizin to Jade when she tells him about Brecken wanting to save as many lives as possible, but the situation got worsened and resulted in losing the 18th floor. She goes to Lena to give her the Antizin while Crane speaks to Brecken. Later, she messages him about the Slums School being used by Rais and thinks that there could be more Antizin stored there, requiring his help to infiltrate for the mission.

In Siblings, she is found inside a train boxcar and gives Crane the information; the school is being used by Rais's Men who have been hauling supplies out of the school for hours, prompting her to take a closer look inside. Before heading inside, they both witness Tahir murdering some hostages outside the school, resulting in Jade recommending to take different entrances to inside to cover more ground and make less noise separately. Once inside, the two pry open a crate filled with explosives and find themselves shocked. While Crane deals with the bandits, Jade takes the explosives back to Brecken's Tower and tells him not to let Rahim near the Volatile-filled hive. Afterwards, she messages him about giving the explosives to Sa'id and telling Rahim to stay away. Unbeknownst to her, Rahim and Omar sneaked away to continue with the explosive mission. Later, Jade overhears the conversation between Crane and Brecken, grieving about the death of Rahim (being infected) and runs from the room, upset about the loss of her brother.

Prior to both Crane and Zere getting captured by Rais in The Pit, Zere reveals that he gave his research for the cure to Jade, hoping that it can be delivered to Camden in Sector 0, also known as Old Town. Prompting him to search for her in Find the Embers, Crane tries to radio Jade with no luck. Troy, having contact with Jade, radios her and allows Crane to talk to Jade and try to reason Rahim's death, even revealing to her that he is a GRE operative. Unfortunately, this angers Jade even more (due to her blaming Crane for her brother's death) and then ceases all communication with him. Troy tells him that Jade was last seen at the Harran University, setting up the next mission Higher Education. At the University, he asks the survivors about her, but discovers that she left the University and left a photo of Amir behind for Crane, saying "not again" which may hint that she knew Amir was a GRE Agent and was implying that she didn't want to get close or know another GRE Agent Like Crane.

After Crane sets off the detonation in the apartment buildings in Public Face to send the message that there's survivors in the city, Jade (Having being told by Troy about Crane looking for her,the trouble he went through and what he's doing to stop the Ministry) recognizes this and contacts him to meet her at Emerald Canal. In Rendezvous, Crane finds that Jade was kidnapped by Rais and was taken to the Museum, forcing Kyle into a confrontation. During The Museum, he finds Jade weakened and infected and Rais tosses one shot of Antizin to Jade and Crane, forcing them to choose who will live and who will turn. After Jade refuses the shot, Crane then suffers from his infection and renders him unconscious. While suffering from the virus's effects, Jade reveals to Crane about some information; she knows that he wants to save her, but its too late for her to be saved. She initially blamed Crane for Amir's demise as well and wanted to kill him, but realized that everyone's life is finite and there's no denial for it, and the only thing possible is that what happens in between must count. She also says that she wants to sacrifice her life to save everyone in Harran. About herself, she says that was born premature and the doctors were thinking she wasn't going to live, but she struggled and worked until she became a champion and thus, was given the name "The Scorpion". She concludes that she wants to save him and that he must let her go, by saying that everyone's life is finite just like Amir.. Crane then hallucinates Jade turning into a Viral and attacking him, when in reality Jade was actually trying to inject him with the shot. Jade then tells Crane to remember the promise that he made (Crane never agreed with the promise as it was that Crane was the one that kills Jade when she turns) With her remaining strength left, she attacks Rais's bandits before succumbing to the virus herself and turning into a Viral. Turned, she attacks Crane before he mercifully kills her by snapping her neck and respectfully closing her eyes.


Killed By

Jade after turning into a Viral and killed by Crane.

During the quest, Rendezvous. Rais reveals that she was bitten in the ankle by an infected that he let in, just to see Jade fight it. This causes Rais to give only one vial of Antizin to both of them, and Jade sacrifices herself to give the vial to Crane; however this causes Crane to hallucinate because of his infection. After waking up, four guards are killed by Jade but during this fight, she turns into a viral and is peacefully put down by Kyle.

Killed Victims

  • Herself (Alive, Suicide)
  • 4 unnamed members of Rais' Gang.
  • Many unnamed Bandits.
  • Numerous counts of Zombies


Jade is often considered to be extremely level-headed when compared to the other leaders of the Tower, such as Brecken and Rahim.

Where Rahim is the idealistic, glory-seeker and Brecken is the passionate, but reluctant leader; Jade understands more than anyone the sacrifices that must be made in the name of survival. It was she that ordered the 18th floor of the Tower to be sealed off when infection broke out, despite her remarks that there were still a few children down there. But while she may appear rather brutal in her decision making her actions reflect the needs of the many over the needs of the few, she is one of the first truly grounded characters that Crane will meet. Her harshly realistic take on the situation at hand stems mainly from her desire to protect her younger brother Rahim, who she views as extremely brash and headstrong, making her one of the few of the main cast to have such an emotional attachment.


Show: Awakening

Amir: "Come on. We have to move."
Jade: "Let's get him off the street."
(Infected swarm the site as Crane and his rescuers attempt to escape)
(Amir gets overwhelmed)
Jade: "Amir! NO!"
Amir: "Go! RUN!"
(Jade and Crane escape the building)
Jade: "(Through headset) Tower, this is Jade. Get Sickbay ready. Got a guy with a bad head wound... and a bite on one arm."
Tower: "Oh, shit! Amir's hurt?"
Jade: "No. Amir is gone... But I'm bringing in someone who might still survive."
Tower: "One of us?"
Jade: "We'll see."

In the Tower, after having helped Mark and returning to Brecken's room:

Crane: "All right-taken care of. Piece of cake. What else you got for me?"
Rahim: "Well... Let me think."
Jade: "Rahim, you are just smart enough to be dangerous, you know that? Omar told me about your plans for the nest. Explosive charges? REALLY?"
Rahim: "What? Explosives? I never said that!"
Jade: "Oh, please. You can't tell a convincing lie to save your life."
Rahim: "I know what I'm doing!"
Jade: "Yeah? You think you can't die?"
Rahim: "You're not my mom!"
Jade: "No. I'm not. Our mom's dead. So you might want to be a little nicer to me since I'm the only family you have left... especially now that Amir's gone."
Crane: "You're Jade, right?"
Jade: "Right..."
Crane: "I just wanted to thank you for what you did for me... and tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I owe you and Amir my life."
Jade: "Yeah, you do. You want to return the favor? Keep my dipshit brother from killing himself! NO EXPLOSIVES, Rahim."

Show: First Assignment

Jade: "Jade here. Is anyone outside right now? Urgent help needed."
Crane: "Uhm... I'm outside. Working for Spike..."
Jade: "You're Crane, right? Listen... Our runners's trying to secure one of our safe houses for Brecken's mission. He's in a courtyard by Vefa and Mirmar, surrounded by zombies. We gotta help him."
Crane: "All right, I'm on it..."

Upon arriving at the safe house:

Crane: "Okay Jade, I'm here... along with some Infected."
Jade: "Watch yourself, Crane!"

Upon entering the safe house:

Crane: "Oh, man... I think it's too late for this guy."
Jade: "Shit. All right. Finish it. Just... don't let him suffer."
After killing the Infected runner:

Crane: "Okay. It's done. FUCK."
Jade: "You had no choice. He wasn't human anymore. Now, hurry. You still need to turn on the lights. That's the only way to make the place safe at night."

After turning the lights on and getting beeped by the GRE:

Jade: "How's it coming? Got the lights on?"
Crane: "Um. Almost. Just give me a second."

After speaking to the GRE:

Crane: "Jade? It's done."
Jade: "Good. We'll need to prepare more places like that one. We've got more spots picked out for future safe zones. Spike will mark them on your map later. And... Crane? Thank you... Back to you, Spike!"
Spike: "Right now you need to get back to our main task and arm the next trap. There's another car close by."
Crane: "Got it."

Show: Airdrop

Jade: "Crane. Listen: Brecken and a team of runners went after an air drop last night. He lost the rest of his team to biters, and then Rais's men ambushed him, beat him to a pulp, and stole the drop. Now Brecken wants to go after the next drop himself, but we can't let him. And you've got to back me up. Ok?"
Lena: "(To Brecken) For God's sake, you can't even walk straight! We need you alive, you idiot!"
Jade: "(To crane) Okay, we're going in. Act confident. Brecken. Lena."
Lena: "Maybe you can get through to him!"
Brecken: "Jade. Who's your friend?"
Crane: "Kyle Crane."
Jade: "Look, Brecken, the last thing we need is for you to go back out there. We can figure out another way. Without jeopardizing you. Right, Crane?"
Crane: "I'll go. I'll do it."
Jade: "Right! Yes! Crane will go. He'll be happy to."
Brecken: "Jesus. No offense, friend, but you're as green as grass. You can't just-"
Jade: "Crane will manage. He'll start in the right spot. And Lena's right: you need to be here, taking care of the Tower. Convincing them the world's not over yet."
Brecken: "Ah, hell. Maybe... one more try before we go to Rais. Yeah... okay. Fine. Good luck... Crane. Jade. A moment?"
Jade: "(To Crane) Head for the Cauldron. I'll be in touch shortly."

While en route to the Cauldron:

Jade: "Crane. Three-quarters of all airdrops fall in the Cauldron. So if you start from there, you'll have the best chance of getting to that drop before Rais's men do."

When close to the drop zone:

Crane: "Jade, I'm getting close to the drop zone."
Jade: "Good. Find some shelter and wait. Most of the drops seem to fall exactly in that area."

After the GRE plane flies over:

Jade: "Did you see that?"
Crane: "Yeah, two drops."
Jade: "They landed elsewhere unfortunately, but you're not that far away. Get to those crates before anyone else does!"

Upon reaching Rais's men at the airdrop:

Crane: "Jade, Rais's men got here first."
Jade: "Fuck! Okay, don't try to fight them. Just find the second one. Look for the smoke from the flare! The crate should be close by."

After it starts getting dark:

Jade: "Crane, it's too close to sunset. You need to turn back."
Crane: "Jade, I'm almost there. I can do this."

After destroying the Antizin:

Crane: "Jade, I'm at the airdrop. There's no Antizin here."
Jade: "NONE? Fuck... FUCK. All right, get back here. And be careful... the nightmares are awake. Don't let them see you."
Crane: "Oh Shit, must've heard me..."

Show: Pact with Rais

Crane: "Brecken? This is Crane. Do you copy?... Brecken! Do you copy?... Shit. Jade, this is Crane. Do you copy?"
Jade: "Crane! How much Antizin did you get?"
Crane: "Listen, Rais wanted me... he's... Look, he screwed us, ok? I only got five vials."
Jade: "WHAT? Dammit... that's only a few days' worth! Listen, Crane, we've got a situation here. There's been an outbreak on the 18th floor. Get back here ASAP. And don't lose any of that Antizin."

After taking the elevator in the Tower

Jade: "Do you have the Antizin? Give it to me."
Crane: "So what happened?"
Jade: "One person turned, and had a couple of other people trapped. We could've sealed off that one apartment, but Brecken... wanted to save as many lives as possible... It went bad. Somebody had to make the call... Now we've lost the entire floor. Including... including a couple of kids. You'd better talk to Brecken. I have to get these meds to Lena."

Show: Siblings

Jade: "Crane. This is Jade. Do you copy?"
Crane: "Loud and clear. What can I do for you?"
Jade: "I don't know how much time we have, so, the short version: I need your help. Rais has turned an abandoned school into a supply dump... ...and I think it may be where he's storing his Antizin. If you and I sneak in there, we could get all the meds the Tower needs. Are you with me?"
Crane: "Yeah. I'm with you."
Jade: "Great - meet me in one of the box cars on the train trestle near the school."
Crane: "Okay. And listen, Jade... If we don't find that Antizin, I need to talk to you about something."
Jade: "About what?"
Crane: "Another option, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now let's see what we can find in that school."

Upon approaching Jade:

Jade: "Come here. You should see this. Something is going on at the school. Tahir's men have been hauling boxes out of that place for hours. We need to get a closer look."
Crane: "What's in the boxes?"
Jade: "Good question. If it's Antizin, we need it."

After finishing the cutscene:

Crane: "How many bandits are inside?"
Jade: "I only saw the ones that went in after Tahir, but I'm sure there's more. We should use different entrances - we'll cover more ground, and we'll make less noise moving seperately."

Upon finding the main entrance locked:

Crane: "Jade, they've got this door sealed off from the inside. Got any alternatives?"
Jade: "I remember playing here as a kid. There was a basement entrance at the back of the building. No harm in trying it."

Upon finding the back entrance locked:

Crane: "Another dead end."
Jade: "OK. Shit. You'll have to come in the way I did. I just hope we can find another way out if we have to. Head for the outbuilding on the roof."

After entering the school:

Crane: "Okay, Jade, I'm inside."
Jade: "Check the classrooms. That's the most likely place for them to store supplies. They should be marked somehow. Military jargon is pretty straight forward, so it shouldn't be hard to notice."

After the alarm is sounded:

Jade: "Turn that damn thing off! We're gonna have walkers swarming towards the school! For fuck's sake, Crane! Turn that damn alarm off or you're going to get overrun! Find the janitor's office. The switch ought to be in there."

After opening the military crate in the library:

Crane: "Jade, no luck with any Antizin. Looks like we'll have to talk about... that other option. I still have Classroom C to search, though."
Jade: "The basement's pretty big. Find the key. I'll meet you down there."

Inside the basement:

Jade: "Give me a hand here, would you?"
Crane: "Yeah, sure. (Smashes the lock with a crowbar)"
Jade: "GOD, Crane, you're such an OAF! Why don't you just stick your head out the door and shout, "Here we are! Come get us!""
Crane: "Hey, sometimes there's nothing wrong with the direct... approach. (Opens the crate to find dynamite)"
Jade: "Holy shit. That's... plastic explosives, right?"
Crane: "You take this stuff and get back to the Tower. I'll deal with these assholes."
Jade: "Don't be ridiculous! We'll fight them together!"
Crane: "And risk leeting them keep this much ordnance? No, just go. I got this. Meet me back at the Tower."
Jade: "Promise me you won't let Rahim near that hive!"
Crane: "What? Of course! I promise, I promise, just go!"

After getting outside:

Jade: "Crane? You've said we needed to talk about other options if we didn't find any Antizin."
Crane: "...and we will, but right now let's deal with these explosives, ok?"
Jade: "Okay, listen. I'll give the explosives to Sa'id, and you talk to Rahim. Make sure he stays away from that hive."
Crane: "Will do. Don't worry."
Jade: "Don't worry? Right..."

Show: Find the Embers

Savvy: "Crane! It's a pleasure, mate! I'm Savvy... need anything technical, I'm your man! I've ALMOST rigged a way to break through the comm jamming! Come on, say hello to Troy!"
Crane: "I'm Kyle Crane. It's good to finally put a face with the voice."
Troy: "You're looking for Jade Aldemir, aren't you?"
Crane: "Yeah, yeah... have you seen her? Do you know where she is?"
Troy: "(Picks up radio) Jade? This is Troy. Do you copy?"
Jade: "Go ahead, Troy."
Crane: "(Rips the radio from Troy's hands) Jade! It's Crane! Listen, I know you're headed for Dr. Camden, but his clinic's surrounded by zombies and Rais's thugs. Let me come and help you."
Jade: "Crane... stay away from me. I hear your voice, and all I can see if my brother."
Crane: "Please, just hear me out. The thing is... the GRE hired me. I was supposed to find out where Rais sent this classified file, but that doesn't matter anymore, because the Ministry contacted me. They were going to firebomb the city, but I talked them into waiting... ...because they want that research that you're carrying. We need to figure out some way to let them know that we've got it."
Jade: "You bastard. You BASTARD."
Crane: "Jade... ? Jade! ... DAMN it."
Troy: "Crane... the last time I spoke to her, she was at the University. It's due east from here. If what you just said is even a little bit true, you have to find her."

Show: Public Face

Troy: "Crane, we see it! Great job!"
Crane: "I hope it's enough... Have you had any contact with Jade?"
Jade: "Crane..."
Crane: "Jade! Is that you?!"
Jade: "Crane... I heard what you did... I SEE what you did."
Crane: "So... do you believe me now, that I'm on your side?- (A fighter jet comes flying in and blows a hole in the building) Those sons of BITCHES."
Jade: "Fuck. Crane, if you're really on our side, you've got to contact the GRE. They must stop the Ministry from bombing the city!"
Crane: "I know, but I lost my one and only way to reach them..."
Troy: "Guys! Listen... Savvy's figured out a way to break through the jamming! He just needs your help to do it!"
Crane: "Okay! Jade, you heard that? We have to meet."
Jade: "Yeah... all right. Meet me in that red building on Emerald Canal. We'll go from there. ...and Crane... be careful. The Infected here are even more ferocious than the ones in the slums."

Show: The Museum

Crane: "JADE! Oh shit... oh shit, what have they done to you..."
Jade: "I'm... fine, Crane. Tahir knocked me over the head before he dumped me in here. Just... give me a minute, I'll be right as rain."
Rais: "You do not have the luxury of a minute, "Scorpion". In fact, what little time you have, you owe to me. Thanks to your repair of my antennas, Crane, I have listened to every word any of you have said. How do you suppose I found you, Ms. Aldemir? Or the good Dr. Camden? How do you think I broke the connection between the sectors? I am the director of this film. And now that I have Zere's research... the GRE will do as I COMMAND them. Which renders the two of you useless. Tahir! (Releases numerous virals and infected) You took offense, Crane, as I recall, at being referred to as a trained monkey. But look at you now. Dancing. For our amusement. You are strong enough to have joined me. But you lack the proper... character. Consider this a character-strengthening exercise."

Upon trying to leave the museum:

Crane: "Oh, Jade, are... Jade! Are you hurt? They didn't bite you, did they?"
Jade: "I'm fine! I'm fine. Just... give me a second."
Rais: "Sweet little Jade is far from "fine", Crane. She was bitten and infected hours ago. How noble of her to try and hide it from you."
Jade: "Biter got me on the leg. You didn't need to know."
Rais: "Once again you find yourself with a choice, Crane. Your precious Scorpion is about to turn... but so are you. Who will receive the Antizin? Who has a hope of living through this encounter? It's up to you now."
Crane: "Jade... here, you take this."
Jade: "No."
Crane: "No, come on! Listen! I've still got some in my system - you need this worse than I do!"
Jade: "Crane... I just want you to promise me one thing. When the time comes, you're the one who takes me out."
Crane: "What?! No... I..."
Crane: "Jade, I can't- (Gets a seizure and starts hallucinating)"
Jade: "Crane! Crane, can you hear me?"
Crane: "Jade, where are you? Jade!"
Jade: "I need you to hear me, Crane! Crane! Crane, can you hear me?"
Crane: "Jade where are you? Jade!"
Jade: "I know you wanted to try and save me. Not everybody woiuld've offered that vial the way you did. But it's too late for that now. It's too late for me. For a while I blamed you for Amir's death. I wanted to kill you. But I realized... it was time for Amir. It was time for him to go. Everybody's life is finite, Crane. You can't deny it. It's pointless. We get here, and eventually we die, and there's nothing we can do to change that. The only thing we can do is make what happens in between COUNT. "
Zere: "Crane. Save these people... They don't deserve all this."
Jade: "Amir's life counted. And now he's gone. Rahim's life counted. And now HE'S gone. If sacrificing my life means saving everyone in Harran... then that's what I want to do."
Rais: "You are strong enough to have joined me. But you lack the proper... character. Consider this a character-strengthening exercise."
Jade: "I became a champion. I became the Scorpion. I left my mark on the world. It's my time now, Crane. You can't save me. You've got to let me save you. Let me save you."
Crane: "No... God damn it, NO... don't make me do this! (Gets injected with the Antizin) Oh no-oh God, Jade, what was I... I'm so sorry, I-I didn't mean to..."
Jade: "One of us has to live, Kyle... You just remember what you promised me."
Rais: "All of this, and still you had your choice made for you. Disappointing, Crane. (To his men) You, you, you, and you. Get in there and kill them."



  • During the scene where Crane must follow hallucinations of Jade while he is suffering from the virus' effects, she actually says that she was born prematurely.
  • She is heard on the radio to get to a Safe Zone or to the Tower as quickly as possible when night approaches.
  • Jade's voice accent has been altered throughout the development of Dying Light. She initially appeared to have a English accent in the 2013 pre-release gameplay.[1]
  • According to Crane on the loading screen if one exits the game just after meeting Rahim (when you get your radio back) and then play the exact save again,Crane will refer to Amir as Jade's Boyfriend.
  • Jade is the only main character Crane can fight zombies side by side with.
  • Both her and her brother, Rahim Aldemir died in the same way: both characters lied about their injuries caused by an infected consequently becoming a infected themselves. Subsequently they attacked Crane causing him to kill them in self-defense.