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"You know why runners put their lives in danger? For guys like you."
Rahim Aldemir to Kyle Crane.

Rahim Aldemir is a main character featured in Dying Light.


Early life

He is a native of Harran and the younger brother of world kickboxing champion Jade Aldemir, also known as "The Scorpion". Prior to the outbreak, he had plans on traveling to the United States, but they were interrupted by the virus and ensuing chaos. Jade also mentions during an argument that their mother passed away sometime before the arrival of Kyle Crane.

Events of Dying Light

He assists Harris Brecken, leader of the survivors residing inside the Tower, with managing the runners and scouts as well as planning operations. Though skilled in parkour, his protective older sister forbids him from leaving the Tower and participating in missions, much to his chagrin. Instead, he assists in training runners at an obstacle course established in the neighboring apartment building, which was still being constructed when the outbreak occurred.

During the main story quest Awakening, after Crane is rescued and brought to the Tower, he is directed to meet with the leader in the control room. Once there, Crane finds Rahim looking out with binoculars and assumes him to be in command. Crane seems taken aback by him, which visibly irritates Rahim. He asks Crane "What, Am I too young? You got a problem with my age?". Crane denies this and Rahim starts quizzing him about his identity and past. Rahim briefs Crane on the history of The Tower and Brecken while sitting on the balcony ledge. Crane then asks for his radio back but Rahim counters that he needs it more. Crane insists that is not the case, after which Rahim returns the radio with noticeable irritation in his voice. He reminds Crane that runners risk their lives to save people like him and that the Antizin Crane was given was meant for someone else, so refusing to share his radio with the others is not fair. Rahim then tells Crane he doesn't have time to deal with his bullshit. After the tense confrontation, Rahim sends Crane down to the thirteenth floor to make contact with Mark, a survivor with whom he has lost radio contact. After Crane successfully rescues Mark and protects him long enough for Lena and Timur to collect him, Rahim admits he may have misjudged Kyle and calls him back up.

Later during the same quest, Rahim will be found talking to Alfie, the Tower's electrician, but is interrupted by Jade, angry after discovering his plan to travel to a nearby Volatile nest and destroy it using explosives. Rahim tries to initially deny this, but Jade calls out his inability to lie. The two get into a heated argument which ends in Jade reminding Rahim that she is the only family he has left. After she leaves, Rahim directs Kyle to his room and tells him to change his outfit into something more suitable for a job Brecken has in mind. Afterward, the younger Aldemir invites Crane to the rooftop of the neighboring apartment building; still under construction when the outbreak occurred, the runners have converted it into an obstacle and training course for their parkour abilities. Rahim tells Crane he needs to find out if he has the needed skills. While Crane is crossing over to the neighboring building's rooftop using a construction crane as a bridge, Rahim makes a joke about the situation, saying: "You ought to feel right at home - a Crane on a crane!". After Crane reaches Rahim on the obstacle course, Rahim tells him that he needs to learn to run. Crane is confused by this and asks what Rahim means, but the man tells him to simply follow instructions and jump off the crane. When Crane refuses, saying he would die, Rahim calls him a wimp and jumps down. After landing on a pile of mattresses and trashbags, Rahim yells in pain about his leg. Crane panics and tells him he is going for help, which prompts Rahim to laugh and tell Crane he was just fucking with him. After the two exchange a few more insults, Crane follows Rahim down. Following this, Rahim instructs Crane through the obstacle course. It all goes well until Crane is returning to The Tower and has a seizure on the crane. Rahim instructs him to get back to him immediately. He is waiting for Crane at the rooftop doorway and tells him that the seizures are caused by the infection. Rahim then instructs Crane to go and see Dr.Zere for a check-up, but to stop by the quartermaster before going for some equipment. After meeting with Dr.Zere, Rahim tells Crane to meet with Spike for his first job.

During the First Assignment quest, Rahim calls Crane to let him know that he is observing him from the balcony and that Crane is doing well for a newbie. He then tells Crane to get back in one piece, because he doesn't want to train someone else to replace him.

After Crane volunteers to go and work for Rais during the quest Pact With Rais, Rahim tells him to avoid sneaking up on Rais' men so he won't be shot. He tells Crane good luck, calling him a brother and telling him he needs the luck. Later during the quest when Crane is looking for a spot to contact the GRE, he finds Rahim on The Tower rooftop. He is sitting on the edge, drinking alcohol. He asks Crane if he can trust him, prompting Crane to laugh and ask how much Rahim had to drink. Rahim opens another can and repeats the question, to which Crane answers yes. Rahim then points at a skyscraper, explaining that scouts had located a volatile nest in it. He says that taking out the nest would make running missions during the night possible. He begins to suggest that they plant explosives, but Crane cuts him off. Rahim keeps insisting that while the nest exists, runners can't collect enough Antizin. He starts telling Crane that the two make a good team, before suddenly slipping off the rooftop's edge. Crane manages to grab Rahim's arm and pulls him back. Rahim, still a bit shaken, laughs that he told Crane they make a good team. Crane tells him that the plan would be impossible anyway because they don't have any explosives. Rahim then says that Crane doesn't know what it is like having to just watch and not be able to do anything. He says he doesn't want to die there completely helpless, and that he would rather go out doing something. Crane spots a photograph of The Grand Canyon on the rooftop and asks Rahim what it is. Frowning, Rahim snatches the image from him and explains that he was set to fly out there on Sunday but the quarantine started on Thursday. He then rips the photograph to pieces. Crane tries to comfort Rahim by telling him that he will try and find a way to make his plan happen, but Rahim brushes him off.

Later during the Siblings mission, Rahim and another runner named Omar take dynamite and leave the Tower intent on destroying the Volatile nest. Unfortunately, they are swarmed on the overpass and Omar is killed, while Rahim is driven into a nearby warehouse to hide. Crane locates him sheltering in a train car with the explosives, and Rahim tells Crane he wasn't sure he would make it out alive, so he armed the explosives to go off in five minutes just in case. Crane notices that Rahim is bleeding, but Rahim tells him he just cut himself. He tells Crane to not worry about it and to plant the bombs. After Crane successfully destroys the nest, he tries to contact Rahim through the radio to celebrate but is unable to reach him. Once he returns to the train cart he finds that Rahim has turned into a Viral; having been bitten on the overpass, he lied to Crane in the hopes he would complete the objective. Crane is forced to kill Rahim by snapping his neck.

When Jade discovers the news, she blames Crane for her brother's death and flees the Tower. Crane is unable to reconnect with her again until they have both traveled into Old Town and made contact with the Embers.


""That's a fucking bite wound...""
-Kyle Crane to Rahim, after he was forced to kill him.

Killed By:

During the story mission, Siblings. He was bitten in the knee by a Infected, when Kyle sees this, Rahim lies and explains that he got cut just for Kyle to plan the bomb to the nest.

After Kyle gets back from exploding the nest, he goes to where Rahim is to find out that he has turned into a viral. Kyle, confused and distraught, puts down infected Rahim.

Killed Victims

  • Omar (Caused)
  • Himself (Indirectly Caused)
  • Numerous counts of Zombies.


Show: Awakening

Crane: "Hey, I'm looking for... are you the boss?"
Rahim: "What, am I too young? You got a problem with my age?"
Crane: "No, I... you wanted to talk to me."
Rahim: "That's better. Do you remember anything? Know where you are?"
Crane: "I can see this is... some kind of shelter?"
Rahim: "We call it "The Tower". Brecken and his runners put it all together a couple of months ago, and we've been here ever since. Hunting air drops, scavenging... and rescuing people. "
Crane: "Yeah... I wanted to thank that girl..."
Rahim: "Good. Because if not for her, you'd already be chewing somebody's knee bone. Your Antizin was totally crushed, by the way. Only thing Jade could salvage was your radio."
Crane: "Great... so can I get that back, please?"
Rahim: "Actually, I think I need it more than you do."
Crane: "Believe me, pal, that's not the case."
Rahim: "Fine. Take it. You know why runners put their lives in danger? For guys like you. So now you take the Antizin meant for someone else, and you won't even share your gear with us? I don't have time to deal with your bullshit. I've lost contact with one of our guys, thanks to the fucked-up radios we're stuck with. Do something for me, would you? I don't want to see you or your precious radio anymore, so go be useful somewhere else. We don't tolerate lazy assholes here in the Tower."
Crane: "Hey. Be fair. I'm not lazy, I'm just... Hey. Boss..."
Rahim: "Save it. That lost guy I mentioned? He's only on the 13th floor, but he might as well be trapped in a mine cave-in. Come back later. And I'm not the boiss. Too young, remember? I'm Rahim. Brecken's in charge here."
Crane: "(After walking out) I'm not lazy... you little shit!"

After meeting Mark:

Crane: "(Over radio) Rahim, this is Crane. I'm down here on 13. Listen, this guy of yours got fucked up pretty bad getting away from a zombie."
Rahim: "Oh shit... 31!? You went after Mark? Is it... is it safe down there?"
Crane: "It's safe enough now."
Rahim: "Okay, don't move! I'm sending Lena downstairs."

After Lena arrives:

Rahim: "Hey, 31! Not bad for a new guy. Perhaps I misjudged you."
Crane: "Hey, I just want to help out and repay you guys for what you did for me."
Rahim: "Well, good. Come find me and we'll talk about how you can do that."

Upon arriving in Brecken's room:

Crane: "All right-taken care of. Piece of cake. What else you got for me?"
Rahim: "Well... Let me think."
Jade: "Rahim, you are just smart enough to be dangerous, you know that? Omar told me about your plans for the nest. Explosive charges? REALLY?"
Rahim: "What? Explosives? I never said that!"
Jade: "Oh, please. You can't tell a convincing lie to save your life."
Rahim: "I know what I'm doing!"
Jade: "Yeah? You think you can't die?"
Rahim: "You're not my mom!"
Jade: "No. I'm not. Our mom's dead. So you might want to be a little nicer to me since I'm the only family you have left... especially now that Amir's gone."
Crane: "You're Jade, right?"
Jade: "Right..."
Crane: "I just wanted to thank you for what you did for me... and tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I owe you and Amir my life."
Jade: "Yeah, you do. You want to return the favor? Keep my dipshit brother from killing himself! NO EXPLOSIVES, Rahim."

Upon being approached:

Rahim: "So..."
Crane: "So. Was that enough. Do I get to talk to Brecken now?"
Rahim: "First, go change your clothes. I left some new ones in your room. You're in 194."
Crane: "Something wrong with what I'm wearing?"
Rahim: "You need something that fits the job Brecken wants you to do. Call me when you've changed."

After changing clothes:

Crane: "Okay, Rahim, I'm ready. Where do I find Brecken?"
Rahim: "Not so fast, 31. If you're gonna earn your keep, we have to find out if you've got the skills. So get your ass up to the gym. It's on the top floor... Just a couple flights up."

On the roof:

Crane: "Rahim? I don't see you. Where are you?"
Rahim: "Close. (A crane comes across the roof) Well? What are you waiting for? Get over here!"

Upon reaching Rahim:

Rahim: "Welcome to our gym. First things first: You've got to learn how to run."
Crane: "What do you mean, "learn how to run"?"
Rahim: "Just do what I say, all right? Now. Jump down to the very bottom."
Crane: "Are you nuts? I'd kill myself!"
Rahim: "Don't be a whimp."
Crane: "Come on! You can't be serious!"
Rahim: "Watch this. (Jumps down) Aaagh! AAAHH! My LEG!"
Crane: "Rahim! Jesus! Don't move, I'll get help!"
Rahim: "I was just fucking with you."
Crane: "Son of a BITCH."
Rahim: "What, you can't take a joke? Come on! Get your ass down here!"
Crane: "Christ on a crutch..."

After the fall:

Rahim: "It's a rush, isn't it? But don't blow your load just yet. There's more. To survive outside you gotta take advantage of the terrain. Most eaters suck at climbing, so the harder the terrain, the better for you. I've got some typical situations set up for you. Let's see how you handle them."

After completing the parkour course:

Rahim: "Ok, that's enough. You've got some serious natural talent, man. Either that, or you've done this before. You done this before?"
Crane: "Hardly. Closest I ever came to this was running track in high school."
Rahim: "Well then you're a fucking prodigy. Never seen anything like it."

When Crane starts to show symptoms:

Crane: "What's... what's happening to me?"
Rahim: "Crane?"
Crane: "Shit... shit... oh shit!"
Rahim: "Crane! Talk to me! What's going on?"
Crane: "Something... went wrong... Rahim, what just happened to me?"
Rahim: "Oh, shit... I bet you're having your first seizure. Just get back over here."

At the entrance to the Tower:

Crane: "Rahim, what the fuck was that?! Does that mean I'm... turning?"
Rahim: "Most likely no. At least not yet. Seizures remind you that you're infected. You better go see Dr. Zere, though. He'll check you out, probably give you a shot of Antizin. Before you head out to see Zere, talk to the quartermaster. He'll gear you up so you can go outside without getting your head bitten off."

Upon exiting the Tower:

Rahim: "Okay, newb, we've got Dr. Zere set up in a semi trailer on a fenced-in playing court. When you leave the Tower, hang a left and head due south. You can't miss it."
Crane: "It's Crane, kid."
Rahim: "All right, all right, CRANE, just keep moving. There's no time to take in the sights. And try not to make too much noise. Sound attracts those fuckers."

After having visited Zere:

Crane: "Rahim - Zere checked me out, and gave me another shot."
Rahim: "Okay, great. That ought to hold you for a while. Which is good, 'cause I'm starting to get used to the idea of bossing you around. So! Time for a real trial! Go talk to Spike. You'll find him near Zere's truck. He's got your first real job for you."

Show: Pact with Rais

Crane: "Okay, Rahim, I'm here."
Rahim: "Make sure they see you and know who you are. You don't want to sneak up on them. That's a good way to catch a bullet."
Crane: "Wish me luck, kid."
Rahim: "Good luck, brother. You're going to need it."

After turning the antenna on:

Rahim: "It was you, wasn't it?"
Crane: "Rahim?"
Rahim: "The antennas! Brecken told me. Communication is crystal clear now! Good job, man. This helps everybody, but especially Dr. Zere and Dr. Camden. They can hear each other without static for the first time since... well, ever. See you back at the Tower!"

After returning the Antizin and speaking to Brecken:

Crane: "Rahim? Rahim - what're you doing up here?"
Rahim: "Hey, Crane. Can I trust you?"
Crane: "How much've you had to drink, kid?"
Rahim: "Can I or not?"
Crane: "... Yeah. What's up?"
Rahim: "See that skyscraper? The scouts found a volatile nest in there. We take that out, and then running missions at night? We could totally do that. So I'm thinking, if we planted some explosives..."
Crane: "Oh, Jesus. You're not still on that?"
Rahim: "Crane, we have to do this! As long as that nest is there, we'll never be able to gather up enough Antizin! It would WORK... We make a good team, (nearly falls off the roof) raaAHH! Shit - shit! Don't drop me don't drop me! Oh fuck! See> Told ya we make a good team!"
Crane: "Look, Rahim... we don't have any explosives. None. The closest thing to what you're talking about are Spike's firecrackers. That's impossible."
Rahim: "You don't know what it's like! All I can do is watch. Sit on my ass and watch everything happen and do nothing. I don't want to die here, Crane. Not like this. Not... helpless. If I go out, I'd rather go out doing something."
Crane: "(Picks up a postcard) What's this?"
Rahim: "I was set to fly out on Sunday. They quarantined us on Thursday. I already had my bags packed."
Crane: "I'll... look, I'll keep my eyes open, okay? If there's some way we could make this happen..."
Rahim: "Whatever."

Show: Siblings

Rahim: "Crane! Sa'id told me about the explosives you guys found! How perfect is that?! Jade gave them to him - Sa'id used to be on a bomb squad, so he knows about that stuff."
Crane: "Yeah, kid, that was a lucky find. Would've been better to turn up some Antizin, though."
Rahim: "My buddy Omar's making sure Sa'id's putting good timers on those things. We have to be able to get our asses out of there before they blow."
Crane: "Whoa, "we"? There's no "we" in this. I mean, yeah, that nest needs to go. And now it's possible. But if it gets done, I'm doing it on my own."
Rahim: "But... it's my plan!"
Crane: "And I will execute it perfectly. I promise."
Rahim: "But... ah, shit. There's no use arguing with you, is there? Fine. I'll contact you as soon as Sa'id's finished with the charges."
Crane: "Rahim, do we have a deal?"
Rahim: "I guess..."
Crane: "Do we have a deal?"
Rahim: "Yes, we have a deal."
Crane: "One more thing... I keep seeing this bizarre kind of Infected. Is Dr. Zere out at his trailer? I'd like to talk to him about it."
Rahim: "Nah, he's down in Sickbay, visiting Dr. Lena."
Crane: "Thanks, kid. I'll see you soon."

After having visited Zere with the bolter tissue:

Rahim: "Hey. Crane. You there? Omar and I went to blow up that nest."
Crane: "You what?! Fucking hell, Rahim, that was MY job!"
Rahim: "Oh, right, 'cause you're more qualified to handle explosives than I am! You're just a goddamn tourist! But listen - we messed up. Messed up bad."
Crane: "What happened? Where are you?"
Rahim: "On the overpass and it's all going to shit..."
Crane: "Head to the trainyard! Find a place to hide! I'm on my way!"
Rahim: "Omar! Behind you! BEHIND YOU!"
Crane: "Rahim? Rahim! Goddamn it!"

After finding Rahim:

Crane: "Rahim!"
Rahim: "Crane! I didn't think I'd make it, so I armed the bombs! They'll blow in less than five minutes!"
Crane: "Shit - kid you're bleeding!"
Rahim: "Huh? Oh - I cut myself. It's nothing, Fuck, just plant the bombs!"
Crane: "Don't move! Got it? I'll be right back!"

After leaving the sewers:

Crane: "Okay, I'm back on the surface."
Rahim: "See that big-ass culvert over to your right? Head through it! Once you get into the building, head up the ramp and get up to the floor above! You need to put the bomb on one of the big support columns!"

After planting the first bomb:

Crane: "Okay, first one's set!"
Rahim: "Okay, pay attention! Find some stairs and get to the next floor up! You're looking for another column like the first one!"

After planting the second bomb:

Crane: "All right, got it!"
Rahim: "It's done? Great... Now get your ass out of there..."
Crane: "(Near the sewers) Rahim, it worked, man! Your plan worked, kid! ... Rahim? Hey, do you copy? ... Shit."


  • "You ought to feel right at home - a Crane on a crane!" – During Awakening, when approaching the crane.
  • "Sometimes it's better to crawl through the low, narrow passages. Eaters'll have a tough time following you." – During Awakening, during the parkour course.
  • "Try not to slow down once you start running. Outside, if you stop - you're probably dead." – During "Awakening", during the parkour course.
  • "Not bad... for a noob!" – During Awakening, during the parkour course.
  • "All right, get up on that scaffold. And don't fall, 'cause there sure as hell ain't no net." – During Awakening, during the parkour course.
  • "That's my favorite: cat grab and muscle-up. You won't survive outside for ten minutes if you can't do that." – During Awakening, during the parkour course.
  • "Good job! OK, time for the real test! Get back to the crane - make use of anything and everything while you run!" – During Awakening, during the parkour course.

Appearance and personality

Rahim is a slim young man with short black hair and green eyes. He is shown wearing a torn short-sleeve shirt over a long-sleeve shirt, with the outline of a fist designed on the front. He wears dark brown cargo pants with knee-pads and combat boots. He is quite recognizable by the goggles he wears on his head.

Rahim is initially standoffish during his first encounter with Crane, viewing him as an outsider and possibly blaming him for the death of Amir. However, he is later impressed by Crane's abilities and actions and develops a close bond with the undercover operative. In his interactions with Crane, Rahim is often assertive, confident and excitable. He plans a daring attack on a Volatile nest which dangerously utilizes explosives. When confronted by his older sister, however, he acts more stubborn. Rahim has at his disposal an arsenal of optimistic behavior, as he always tells jokes and looks at trouble with a broad smile on his face. He is very confident in his actions, but he borders on arrogance, a trait that lands him in trouble.

He shows a great disdain for Volatiles, and is almost constantly monitoring one of their nearby nests from the rooftop of the Tower or his balcony. Though warned by his sister and others not to carry out his plan of destroying the nest, he convinced another runner to go with him and they were both killed as a result.



  • Rahim carries a post-card with an image of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
  • In the earlier stages of development, his name was Rakim and he was set to be a playable character. His appearance was also changed slightly, with him having longer hair and looking younger.


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